Thursday, 29 May 2008

Child of the 60!s

This is a layout I did awhile ago ,but still love it so much it is a photo of me in my younger days and wanting to work the era this fancy pants paper worked so well with the prima whisper flowers and matched that groovy dress I had ROFL!! I then wanted to recall a few things from my childhood ,but had to cut it a little short I mean what an era this was,I then put my wording onto acetate and then embossed it in black to create an overlay whilst not detracting from the beautiful paper, I was pleased with the result, TIP #if working with acetate get a dry used tumble dryer sheet and rub all over acetate first this stuff has amazing static properties and I find if you do this first before print then you do not have much embossing powder stick,the little bit which does just remove with a fine brush before turning that heatgun on,it also works great if using glossy cardstock also

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Going cheep!!!!

Here is the finished birdhouse I promised,weather has not been nice for taking photos
but I think these might be best shots for today
The Papers [well a good cardstock] I have used is from CRAFT SECRETS PASTEL PAD
I cut all the papers for the octagon butt shingles by hand then stuck and sanded every piece[might do a RAK on how many I used later!!] The white doves are from HL
and the pink butterly also, The lace is from my stash of many. I made a plaque and hung it above with the little wording,I used one of the buttons I had in my stash again it looks like a hanger so was perfect for the job
I had a fantastic time working this,but with papers like this from Crafty Secrets who could not. I also sprayed it all with bubblegum pink Glimmer mist before starting
so the pink you see is not paint its glimmer mist
I hope you enjoy looking at it ,I think I will have to keep this for myself oh the paper so yummy and not often I get to play with pink!!!!!

Iam on playing with something now a card,Just could not get to sleep so I came down grabbed a handful of Bazzill,ruler,sissors and glue and went back to bed and started
what was in my head,got most assembled now to finish it off,need to think though!!
on where Iam going next with it lol!!!

until next time..........

Sunday, 25 May 2008


Oh well Congratulations to Liv on winning the RAK for my
guess what shes up to now,Liv is from South Carolina and very
talented with everything!! and love her digi work at

Well Iam still playing and finishing up,blow the chores Iam havin
fun with the Crafty secrets pastel pad and IAm not putting down for anything

Friday, 23 May 2008

Guess what!?

Well I have been sat busy,playing of course,Can anyone guess what I`am up
to now!!?? Anyone who guesses correctly I will send a RAK anywhere in the world
Get your guess in folks!!
Well I will reveal what Iam up to later, I love my bendy bow scissors and could not live without them[3 pairs] they are my favourite for fine detail work I own pairs of scissors,but these are my dessert island ones
OH I got my craft Secrets booklet in the mail today and oh I honestly cannot stop pawing and purring they are just devine, took alot of finding but I did find a place in california who shipped to the uk,
I also had another package in the mail lots of chipboard and journalling tags
from a swop we did at KT crafts and that has me purring also
I need to do some layouts and get my butt in gear,but I have been altering so much I just cannot stop doing it I find myself looking around when Iam out thinking oh that would look good altered know what I mean
well thats it folks might update over the weekend, or later in the week
Enjoy your Bank holiday ..........................

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Glimmer Mist

I love this medium Glimmer Mist by tattered angels I have about 10 bottles and need to add to the collection,This is a door plaque I did,close up shot gives you a sneak peek of spraying the wood , I gave it a rough coat of pink acylic and then when it had dryed 2 coats of glimmer mist, one bubblegum pink and one of snowflake it was a great finish and the images and tags are all Crafty secrets
I am also working on a birdhouse and yes you guessed correctly it has been sprayed with glimmer mist and Iam finishing it up now
The possiblities with this mist is endless I even tried it on one of my nails and a clear topcoat niceeeeeee. Stencils you already have anything goes with this stuff,been water based,When I work with it I always keep a few tags or pieces of paper handy and any surplus yes it gets thrown on the paper Iam working on,no point wasting it. IT does go a long way though......... Tattered angels have some yummy stencils out and the chipboard oh just so devine again the chip can be worked with the mist and inked etc,it raised embossed
WEll men dont you just love em, My other half[might be ex soon] borrows my car,parks car at home and from car to the house has lost my keys ,well search turned the place upside down NO KEYS,so he needed to be in the car for something his pigeon racing clocks,so he only goes and smashes my window grggggggh and today still no keys found
how does something vanish into thin air. Now This is going to cost me lots my car key is chipped with computer code,my bonnet is a totally different key and then I will have to have them trace my chip number,then new window grgggggggg dont you just love men!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

last waltz

Well I have been asked about the music on my blog by quite a few people
The last Waltz is such a special song for me,Because it so reminds me
of mam and dad`s Silver wedding bash. This was a surpise and I arranged every little detail for this back in the good old 80`S it took me over a year.
I even phoned Dads place of work to book him the next day of and had to explain why
[I knew he was booked in to work,so I had to secretly unbook it] They were waiting for me picking them up I phoned to say I will be there shortly,and I had to leave my home and get set off quickly .I remember arriving at the venue to a room full of 100 people friends and family alot travelling over 100 miles and everything went so quiet
What mum & Dad did not know was the meal they thought they were going on with us was not to be he! he! I had booked a Rolls Royce to collect them from the house,they promptley saying to the driver he was at the wrong place lol!! He then said well your Mr & Mrs **** so off they set for a tour around[arranged just in case anyone was running late] then they arrived at the venue to meet me and my 2 sister,again another white lie [they just thought they was stopping for some photos before travelling on to the meal,and I said "oh do you think we can have a photo taken in here and the photographer playing along to the game said yes that fine,Well all was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop,all was dark then when Dad opened the door with mum lights went on to a massive uproar and cheer from everyone,Well they nearly died with the shock and I just so remember that song and these two people I love so dearly dancing to it all on there own not a care in the world and the big smiles they both had all night. Then next day Dad trying to fit all the puzzle together like Oh I wondered why so and so said see you tonight and things like that
This picture is me and the 2 sisters with mum & dad its colour but I changed it to Black & White
They literally did have the last waltz together,until mum went through them pearly gates ,danny boy is another story ..............

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Few items I have finished

Just a Baby boy Card and a wall hanging for my Aunt whos 80th birthday I forgot
so I will put the verse on the back and Iam debating on the hanging method ribbons
or string pearls and the brads pale blue or white,I still keep looking and putting it down but must get it finished otherwise she will be 81 before my dear aunt get it........then I would be famous.......

bloomin lovely

Well what blooomin wonderful weather we are experiencing for May
looks like a good crop of blueberries might be had this year,love them
and my solitary Tulip a beautiful dark purple the rest are just coming through
now and my grape vine I noticed has just started budding,it was a total waste last year due to the weather and the vine is an outdoor,all year round one Iam trying

Well nothing much going on,done a few cards and odd projects need finishing
but I did not sleep to good and now sat thinking coffee or shall I finish something
up I have on the go

Friday, 9 May 2008

Tribute to Kristy Huddle

This is my tribute layout for Kristy put together by memebers at KT CRAFTS we had to lift one of Kristy`s layout and making our own mark ,Vicki organized the whole thing and it was all put into a album and posted to kristy who has been dedicated from day one of the forum,sad to see her resign from the DST but I know she is staying and is now " a normal member with extra duties". Bless her she works so hard behind the scene`s and has a busy home with the boys and business life something just had to go. I truly believe kristy has made the right choice love you kristy.......

2 hot 2 do the ironing

little TJ taken at a quirky angle took a few pictures but I always have to have them at strange angles so these will be on a scrap book page soon,have an idea need to put it together,but knowing my quirky life it will totally change along the way
Well really cannot complain about the weather we are having at the moment it has been
hot,hot warmer than some places across the pond whew,hope it keeps it up but I will have to attempt that pile of ironing...................

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

extra bit of stash from RSD

Well again just look at the presentation in old dress making pattern,umh i will be using this for sure,these are just some Dresdens I ordered from Ruby street designs
I sya just,they are beautiful and might be ordering some extra I love them so much and I know they are nearing limited
Well my dresser arrived the other day a new little place to scrap and been purging the stash but keep finding pieces I had forgotten about or things I lost and bought replacements for like tools, IAm always putting them down and losing them ,does not help having a little one ,it because of my DS I lose them having to put them aways out of his way,can never leave anything laying around like I used to

ruby street designs stash

Well I promised you all a look at my stash I rec from Kris at ruby street designs
but I ended up doing another order !!!!!!!
well presentation wow what can I say!!!! the epherma all real dates back to early 1800 and so interesting just reading what is what alone especially price of coffee and veg. And who owed what to who!! well the buttons and lace pieces remarkable I just keep having to have a touchy feely moment with these I can tell you!

Well I drew another RAK and the winner was GLEE, glee pm me your addy or I will be sending you mail later!!!! congratulations

Kristy your Journal RAK has left the uk on a plane to the USA but wish I was on that plane instead of that box!!
It has been a lovely couple of days and today wow so hot out in that sun ,but hope it keep this pressure up on the system