Tuesday, 26 February 2008

So much for a steady day!!

Oh well I had planned on having a pretty steady day,few chores,

Ds to school and post Office,the gales have really whipped up and it is

rough standing up in them,I do not like driving when it is like this ,it makes me feel horrible when the Car is getting blown. Well a knock

came to the Door,my beloved Postman "oh few for you today" looking down I nearly dropped then!! on managing to lift them in the house all [4 ]it was lots o f my things I had ordered from USA,now need to un -load

check and find new storage areas for everything,still sorting yesterday`s

stuff out!!!

Well I so need some scrappy time today ,maybe I will get some done later

I have so much I WANT to do but there is never enough hours in a day!!!! I hope to get some sketching drawn up better than my rough uncut stuff,I do this when I go to bed, I find my inspiration comes when I really should be going to sleep!!!!!! and I will post later
Then I have DSN server switch and Isp to alter on my website,great fun this will be sure my hosting co ,just love me . I loath Html probably because it takes me ages lol!!

thats it for today!!!!!!!!!!