Sunday, 28 September 2008

little folder booklet

This is a little folding booklet I made for a friend and pretty happy how it turned out ,graphics courtesy of eileen at seneca pond crafts wonderful images and so easy to make and I thought the black ribbon made it more dramatic and a little bit of stickles here and there. the tags match beautifully .....back & front.
Oh which reminds me Eileen I do hope your surgery is a sucess and you recover quickly......

Friday, 26 September 2008

well I managed a bit

This is a charity shop frame find which I gutted & stripped out I had plans for this frame,yes it was for the birthday card Vicki R made me January gone. I just love this card and had to frame it for my bedroom
Well the frame once gutted, I have a big pile of vintage music books and I choose this,but at times thought oh maybe I should have picked another its great but so delicate think if you blow at it ,the stuff would tear once all this was on at random,inked edges for bit of depth,then crazy me modge podges the stuff and I can tell you panic set in I could see it bubbling before my eyes horror!! arghhh!! I had glued it well down so was puzzled anyway it all settled down in the end..
Then I added some vintage lace to the outside of the frame. made a aperture for the card with bazzill bling and backed with a brown bazzill and used some big D/D tabs to give the depth for the layering and apperture.once happy I then added some prima flowers layered up with some vintage brads and a wooden die shape[kaiser crafts] inked with tim holtz tattered straw, I have done this for the challenge 4 over at cropstop
I dont know yet but might add a dangley bit to it not sure yet
anyay it just feels so good to have done something.........................
Well my finger is not right so until I see specialist I just do not know,but at least I can manage so long as I lay off the heavy lifting or use of it,even doing this frame was
well going to see what I can or cannot get up to!! lol!!........

Saturday, 20 September 2008


Oh well first I must tell you about the big closeout sale over here at Kt Crafts,Kelly the store owner is re-locating to new premises and rather than move the big stocks has decided it will be much easier to sell off at 60-80% and then re stock with lots of new goodies. So seeing I have not managed much in the way of creating, I have to hold my hand up to spending here on goodies, I keep adding but Kelly does know Iam weak when it comes to will power on new supplies[think I have a permanent box in the corner of the store lol!!] and honestly Its worth a visit ,it is not old stocks either,cuttlebug embossing folders,papers KI memories die cuts,fancy pants,senic route to many to list at giveaway prices. Further more on the homepage you will find a discount code GRKT115 to use this gives you another 15% off,yes you heard correct. Kelly ships worldwide to!!!
Well I was at the hospital and so pleased the removed the splint,oh and talk about my hand been swollen,I had not noticed at all!! I was told to go careful and guess what I did went shopping! and yes carrier bag heavy took my hand down with the weight and oh grief!!!! the pain I was in tears
my Son said take a painkiller,oh if only they worked! well back at the specialist in 2 weeks,to be honest I dont think they know what I have done
But I can tell you I wont be flicking any midge like flies again!
On a good note I have managed a card today,bits were eay but then when it came to brads etc grrrrr the time it took me compared to normally. I also started a little something off, but itching to start something big but I just cannot handle much weight at all..
well I think Iam going to head of blog looking............

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

oh time flys

#well I cannot believe how the months are rattling by,harvest is well on the way they are working in the dark with them lights they use getting rest of harvest done when I see this I automatically think october-hallowen
I would say the last few days been pretty pleasant but today ouch nip in the arm and my feet are cold so it looks like birkenstocks will be getting demoted and time for my winter sloppy ankle furry boots to pld around the house in!! oh and did put the fire on for a few hours,but held back on the central heating,even though I know some have put it on!
Well Iam still waiting for specialist and other things for the hand,its so painful and just wish I could stretch that thumb and index and little finger just so they were longer than the middle its so darn frustrating just not been able to manage things,but Iam such an impatient monster I feel like Iam been held back from doing stuff,always on the go thats me and having to rely on the other half to peel veg etc,well just dont go there!! today I said if you can just do the carrots,tatties,onion etc peel and wash I maybe could manage the rest by one hand and if not my machine could
sat here still waiting 6 hours after asking..............I was thinking should I ask him to help cut some card down I want and help me but ohhhh men!!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Bad blogger,yes thats me!

Oh well what happens when I`am feeling creative,I go and flick a fly off the end of my finger the size of a midge dead which freeked my DS out when he was havin a bath,yes I repeat flick it and then I`am in total pain cannot bend my finger and kept trying,well the pain was getting bad and my threshold is high... then half hour later I feel quite sick with the pain so off to A&E something is wrong so 3 hours later after lots of prodding and poking and pain relief I have my finger in a metal splint!! wonderful this is to stop me bending it,well it has done that alright ,more scared someone sues me if I poke them with this thing on my middle finger!!! awaiting now to see some specialist at the hospital they think I have torn the fibres to the ligaments or ruptered the ligament I think I`am more shocked a simple manover can cause such an injury much to the A&E amusement when explained how it happened
So now I have one hand to function and a thumb and little finger everyday mundane tasks are proving so difficult so crafting/scrapping is going to be very,very difficult I need to make a card but wondering how I can manage it .............. oh bother.........
On a good note my niece gave birth to a beautiful healthy girl[amelia-fay] and boy has she got a set of lungs already, just so pleased both healthy and safe............
I`am going now one finger tapping on keyboard is not for me.............