Tuesday, 12 August 2008

one of them days!

Well I seem to be having on of those Days wanting to do something ,but neither finding the mojo or energy to do anything,I did have a fairly rough night and DS has been a little terror today bouncing off the walls
Mind you been stuck in for most part of the day has not helped with this wet weather,anyway I think rain or not tomorrow Iam going to a little market Town for a wander its only about 20 minutes drive from home so if we get to wet Its not far to travel home at all
Well I do have a few things on the go BUT... just cannot get anything flowing to finish them up lol!!
I have got all my contracts signed and sent to SNR for the 6 pieces of work they accepted for publishing 2 layout and 4 altered items,ohh which reminds me I have to remove some work from my Blog and Gallery at KT crafts geez I better move on this quick........... back later hopefully with Mojo in full swing......