Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Few items I have finished

Just a Baby boy Card and a wall hanging for my Aunt whos 80th birthday I forgot
so I will put the verse on the back and Iam debating on the hanging method ribbons
or string pearls and the brads pale blue or white,I still keep looking and putting it down but must get it finished otherwise she will be 81 before my dear aunt get it........then I would be famous.......

bloomin lovely

Well what blooomin wonderful weather we are experiencing for May
looks like a good crop of blueberries might be had this year,love them
and my solitary Tulip a beautiful dark purple the rest are just coming through
now and my grape vine I noticed has just started budding,it was a total waste last year due to the weather and the vine is an outdoor,all year round one Iam trying

Well nothing much going on,done a few cards and odd projects need finishing
but I did not sleep to good and now sat thinking coffee or shall I finish something
up I have on the go