Monday, 28 July 2008

Wolds Way Lavendar Distillery & Herb Farm

This is the distillery cooling pond,theraputic listening to water on a very hot summer`s Day. My son has nagged for weeks to go to this farm and it did not diappoint at all,set in the beautiful wolds of Yorkshire
This is the distillery its the only wood fired distillery in Britian the wood fire can be seen to the left and the Lavendar is put into the wood Vat in the middle the purple almost radiator tank to the right is were the lavendar oil goes from the steam vat and the oil distilled
The process involves passing steam through the harvested lavender in a still. The vapours then pass through a condenser with the liquid being collected. The oil floats on top of the water and is decanted off. It is then kept for six months before it is ready to be are two large tanks that run the full length of the building. One used to draw air through the lavender to dry it. The other tank is piped to the two ponds. The water is circulated and used for through the condensor in the distilation process of the lavender.
This has to be one of my favourite photo`s of the Day my Son in awe of the fluttering and oblivious to the bees in the lavendar!
A Speckled wood butterfly [Pararge aegeria][satyridae] just flying and
fluttering from flower to flower

Talking of bees this farm has hives and has the Largest beehive in the world I will show you pictures later,umh now you did not get me in it! Paul was the only brave one to enter I did have a peep and what I saw made me back off big time oh hundreds of them behind glass,but I was not brave enough to venture any closer,nor my SOn or Niece,when i show you picture you will understnad why!
oh and since doing this post We have also been to Yorkshire Lavendar in the howardian hill so will post pictures + the BIG ,massive beehive later
enjoy your day.................