Thursday, 3 July 2008

yeah I know another one today

Well I just had to tell you about this smashing Guy called Adrian

from Omaha,Nebraska from Tender Heart Treasures,well like the latta

he is an absolute treasure I had to ring to pay for my order oh and add some things on,so nice to speak to a real person,so pleasant and helpful

and here`s to you Adrian enjoy your 3 days break whilst celebrating 4Th July,if everyone was like you the world would be a better place

and all my friends over the water I hope you all have a great holiday tomorrow


100% better

Well A bright layout for a bright sunny day this was a challenge using the words "lazy days of summer @ Ktcraft recent cyber crop, This was cherry arte paper extracted from the 12" x12" sheet and this is the 1st time I have used a photo twice of my DS,this bucket had water in for wash
ing my windows but I went indoors to get my blade what do you call it and some how he had managed to get totally in this how I dont know but it took some getting him out lol!!crazy child of mine....

My cardinal red climatis in full bloom and so rich and dark in colour
I love my climatis along with my roses

and here is my blonde bombshell just look at the muck around her chops she has only been in my strawberries pinching them,they dont call them retrievers for nothing,but did not know she would retrieve my strawberries little minx,well big actually...

oh I got a e-mail today saying a layout I had submitted is going to be published firt time I have actually submitted and so happy right now
and then ohhh soon be the 7th July and I can upload and link you to my
Vicki Chrisman challenge Iam very happy how it turned out even though it took a slight twist to the idea`s in my head ,the mojo errupted totally on this..........7th,7th yes .....
and Iam feeling a 100% better than I was ,Told my child keep your germs to yourself next time I dont need them..........