Friday, 29 February 2008

oh how strange

I just wonder what is happening with the weather and the earth Tremor we had on wednesday, I hope I never sit through one again,my house was shaking so voilently from side to side and top to bottom,it was surreal knowing I was shaking ,knowing something was happening but not what is was at the start,and then knowing something was so wrong, I just had to grab my little man and hold him tight and be ready to run out the door ,just horrible and Scary
I was driving the next morning thinking oh this might not have been here,I might not be driving down here that sorts of thing,we take life for granted don`t we!!!!!!!!!!. It just proves we might nag,moan take things for granted ,but we have so much to be thankful for everday.
when I picked my little man up from school h said " mam I dont like them louds shaking,"pointing to the clouds in the sky,oh bless!!!!
I have done no crafting,just buying lol!!!!!! well I might need it for something. Honest let me near craft/scrapbook supplies and it like letting a child loose in a candy shop
I really must get on,but just so tired and it now looks like these gales are going to disturb my sleep,oh well another day,another dollar.......

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

So much for a steady day!!

Oh well I had planned on having a pretty steady day,few chores,

Ds to school and post Office,the gales have really whipped up and it is

rough standing up in them,I do not like driving when it is like this ,it makes me feel horrible when the Car is getting blown. Well a knock

came to the Door,my beloved Postman "oh few for you today" looking down I nearly dropped then!! on managing to lift them in the house all [4 ]it was lots o f my things I had ordered from USA,now need to un -load

check and find new storage areas for everything,still sorting yesterday`s

stuff out!!!

Well I so need some scrappy time today ,maybe I will get some done later

I have so much I WANT to do but there is never enough hours in a day!!!! I hope to get some sketching drawn up better than my rough uncut stuff,I do this when I go to bed, I find my inspiration comes when I really should be going to sleep!!!!!! and I will post later
Then I have DSN server switch and Isp to alter on my website,great fun this will be sure my hosting co ,just love me . I loath Html probably because it takes me ages lol!!

thats it for today!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

card sketch

Well I promised a sketch,so here is No1 and the one I did finished

Now I have my Bamboo and graphics,but sometimes its just so easy to sit and draw with the pen in hand,Iam a doodler at heart and if I have a pen and paper I just cannot help it,Even talking on the phone Iam scribbling or drawing something!!

Well it is turning into a very windy Night,wheelie trash bins banging and falling all over I can hear them whilst sitting here. Iam just finishing a CD swap and need to get ATC done then this can Mail Monday.

I just recieved a beautiful CD & ATC from Jana Fail,one of our friends over at KT Crafts,she is a wonderful person and her Darling Son has just gotten home from hospital [bless] so pleased he is doing well now.

I will post pictures later,oh and Jana sent me a lovely little Maya scalloped 8 page coaster album[now Iam itching to start this]

Now Iam sure if my gran was alive ,she would have to nail the kitchen table and chairs down,why!!!!!!!?? Well I just might have to alter them lol!!

Iam so pleased SAR`s[some assembly required] has come around ,love there thinking and they are fun girls,whilst its only the 2nd challenge Iam sure they will be whipping up some good things to alter in the future months!! get on over, the, link is on the right,go check it out

oh well I will love you and leave you,got to get this swap finished

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

oh the weather outside is awful,I have had a strange sorta day
nothing accomplished at all!! So much I want to do and need to
do ,but I feel like crawling up in a ball and hibernating till
some warmer weather arrives............
I need to finish some swaps and hopefully Iam going to start loading in
next few weeks some card sketches and layout sketches just for fun,and also it might make me shift my butt into gear a bit...........
Well I have some really big orders arriving from across the pond,I needed some more storage,it like shoes and handbags to me I have 6 three tier
12" stackers I already have 4 so it will make 10,my other half will probably collapse when they arrive,you see I had alot of cubes delivered at the back end of 2007 , twenty two truth be told, well I need to store my stuff don`t I

Monday, 18 February 2008

MY Black Number

Well I love how my little black number turned out for the SAR cigar box Challenge and it has found a new home already. Iam going to store my pearl-ex pigments and H20`s in this and maybe to another for the rest

I used Jenny Bowlin Vintage papers in black & Red and then antique cotton lace,with a prima flower of course with bling,cannot have Black without a bit of bling. Then I used wood alphas and painted them Black and attached pearls to the top of the letters "COCO" The image I used a plain cream Linen and messed around with a little Modge podge and Glue ,put my paper on the material and rubbed down well and left to dry over night and then damped my fingers and took the top layer of paper by rubbing gently and voila was left with the lovely image

Well suppose it is not everyones taste,but I like it and that is all that matters

Oh what a very,very cold Day,slipping and slidding ,nothing has de frosted today at all. My little rebel has been back today to school horray

I feel my sanity has been restored after last weeks holidays " were kids put on the earth to try & challenge us umh I often wonder

Sunday, 17 February 2008


Oh well school holidays are over back to school for my little guy today Iam feeling pretty rough,have done all day,sore throat headache, but there again this weather I do not like minus-6 degree and today they say
it is going to be freezing fog ,not looking forward to driving in this at all!
On a good point I did get one of my cigar boxes finished and Iam pretty pleased how it turned out,and it has a use already Iam going to store my
pearl-ex pigments and H20`s in it. I will post a picture later . Think this is the one Iam going to enter in SAR competition for Feb
well thats it till later....................

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Well I have lifted another blog, Glee a wonderful friend over at Kt crafts
Glee does some wonderful work,and sketches wow the last card is a different take on tea bag folding and it is perfect in every way and the papers used holy moly,get on over and check Glee`s Blog.

Well The Design team over at KTCRAFTS got there challenge parcels from me today I just had to buy the "LOVE signs and paper I know they would never think of going out and buying this for themselves, This will be interesting
Vicki,Kristy and Barbara all have different tastes so to speak ,but hopefully this DCWV All dressed up stack covers all there tastes.
and I cannot wait to see what each one creates
well thats it for another day,besides me playing around and messing with some paper to make a card,but thats another story

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Well The Cookie Tray
challenge result
Iam not 100% happy with it,but possibly it is me Iam just to much of a darn perfectionist when it comes to crafting/scrapbooking things have to be right.
Oh well Iam wondering if I should do a layout and enter the Design Team for Kt Crafts,Iam just so un-decided
Iam not even sure if my work is good enough for this at all.
I need to finish a project and wanting to start some others off and
DS having cold is not helping ,half term and crabby etc. Mind you we have a new addition to the family a Goldfish my DS wanted today,total
change from the things on 4 wheels Iam so used to buying . Just hope he does not want any off the other things we saw like snake,stick insects,camelion and a few other urghh creepies.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Oh well Iam kinda tired today [thanks Vicki !] I was sat till the small wee hours cutting and stiking numbers and letters for my cookie Tray challenge from the crop yesterday at
and Now finished ready to upload. Iam not 100% happy with it,Iam heading into Town this week so Iam going to get a BIGGER tray. I need more embellishments on mine ,so my DS can have the smaller one.
I need to get on with with my Secret Challenge,oh I get to lift Dawn better known as ScrapnnMO and Alpha Challenge needs doing Iam looking forward to getting these complete
Then Iam going to lift a blog and post in my "Friends & Inspiration"
I lifted Vicki`s Blog yesterday take time to stop by,boy she is so talented
and does some beautiful work,Iam so inspired by this beautiful Harley
riding Lady .........

Saturday, 9 February 2008

what a wonderful Day

oh we have just had the mini crop at we have had a really good one with lots of fun,Now we are creating
We challenged our awesome Design Team they will be working hard this month now!!! And then they will probably be planning the line of attack for the Biggy in March.
Iam sending them a box,no not any old box,nor empty
it will have the same supplies in for Vicki,Kristy and Barbara, It will be travelling from oklahoma to there homes I know they will "LOVE" it and I also know it is so different to the papers they normally work with!! I cannot say anymore at the moment

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Busy Busy

oh wow I have just stopped to get a breather and Thought I would post

had a couple of busy Days,planning things,cannot say to much at moment...!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iam heading to the on-line crop saturday 9th feb at ,KT crafts forum. This is just a mini crop warming up for the biggy in March There is still time for you to log on and get on board and join the fun!!!

Well I cannot believe it is half term already,DS has next week off,doe not seem like minutes since christmas!!!!!!!

I have just sorted my cigar boxes out for the challenge from SAR to alter a cigar box ,but I ended up ordering more because lovely Lidia at tomtom cigars sorted one out for me and I think I will NOT be altering it for some reason!!!
Would you !!? it a dominican Republic polished box,oh cannot wait for these to arrive on Monday they are travelling up to me from London so I should have my nice little hands on this and 4 more

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

My Good friend Dawn won the Altered Clock competition from {some assembly required}whooo well done Dawn,It is so pretty and Dawn deserves this win it is beautiful

My New Birthday Toy

Well Look what DH bought me for my birthday I have always been in to photography,and have a wonderful SLR,but just cannot be bothered with film much now and I hardly use my Darkroom stuff think that was due to having my son almost 5 years ago I decided the chemicals in colour & Black and White to be just to dangerous to have around with a little one let alone the fumes. I have a few digital camera`s but wanted something between digital & SLR and this seemed the perfect choice with a whopping 18 zoom ISo range from 100 up to 1600. I was told to have a look I did," He said I knew you would come back with it" well fancy him telling me to look this means go buy it to me in female language lol!!
I have had a little play and loving the shutter speed and going to print some sepia off of it,oh the kid is just going to love me saying "sausages" and "cheese"
whilst I play with my new toy

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Do you know

That embosing powder floats in water!!!!! I found out through my little man taking a little experiment of his own,with my RED embossing powder in a cup of water!!!! Well I nearly threw it in the dishwasher but then thought woo this like washes at 65 degrees,not a good idea,I now have a lovely sink to scrub out it seems to be everywhere. Why do kids just love getting in your craft stuff!? why is it they always go for the embossing powder,glitter,glue or DST.

Saturday, 2 February 2008


Well today I just have no incline at all to create,maybe the mojo
has left the tiny building standing on my neck!! or maybe its due to this blinding thumping headache I have had all day.
Iam so wanting to do something,yet Saturday is not my favourite
Day I have 1 1/2 kids whining at me [the other half and my son]
oh think life just revolves around them,umh well I have news IT DOES
Iam so looking forward to the mini crop we will be having on line
with my "special international Friends at
they have so much talent it is totally inspirational,yet so warm and friendly. It has just got to be the BEST and I mean THE BEST forum
I have been on. None of them feline thingies with talons sticking out the end of there finger ends,no snarling teeth snapping know what I mean!!!!!!! Just a warm homely place to scrap on line