Thursday, 31 January 2008

1st of Feb

already cannot believe how fast last month went by. I`am suffering lack of sleep due to the gales wirling around outside,bang clatter looks like it is going to be a good night,Snow they have forecast this white stuff for the weekend.


Never Ever thought............
I would end up blogging,at my age
Well scrpbooking is taking me to an all new dimension,creating things
now playing with customising this what is it err blog spot yeah thats the word
Well it new to me,so hope it looks okay and might post daily,well good intentions anyway
Iam passionate about
All things to do with scrapbooking and crafting I just love creating and messing on with paper and I will be letting you in on a few of my favourite sites,friends blogs and paper manufacturer`s blog`s
My life is totally dedicated to my son along with my crafting
Well I will have to post some more later......... Our tea is in the oven and
I`am sure the oven alarm has just rung!!!!