Wednesday, 11 March 2009


oh I still have not got my black box[wi-fi router ]installed that is not me ,normally I have to get my stuff sorted straightaway,but I had just re-wired
everything and run cables around the hall and room when I had the brainwave to update my box,oh well might do it over the easter break when DS is off school
I have had lots of goodies in the post from over the pond what I had ordered so when I finishing playing around stroking them I might just get something done with them....... Oh don`t you just love it when packages arrive with new stash in!!

oh really What have I been up to ,well keep meaning to blog but something always comes up !!! Well I`m so ready for spring,just when I think it has arrived
it goes again.
Well I will be showing a little bit more later and sharing some info later !!!
But must dash............