Friday, 18 April 2008

Do you love vintage!

Well Iam a total vintage freak,do not know why it just does something to me!
maybe I have had a past life I dont know really,but I have found a few pieces
Iam needing for when I find the cabinet I want[now that is proving hard] because
I want to totally strip it and paint it,found a couple but Iam so in love with them
and they are beautiful pieces in their own right it would be a shame to alter them
so Iam sitting tight for now. The other half just sees £££££ rolling round in front of him, but I ALWAYS WIN
Well I really have had no time to scrap or do anything else really. Was hoping to pay a visit to a country Lavendar on the wolds [ ,[but that might have to wait with DS still ill] it is a 7 acre site with over 120 varieties of lavendar and herbs. I love real lavendar not the synthetic stuff and here they distill on site. Iam really wanting to try the lavendar scones umgh argh......
different,but sound yummy
well a few of my finds........ Iam also awaiting the arrival of a silver hand mirror I have just bought from 1930circ
Never know next time I might be feeling like sending a RAK anywhere in the world
so any posts will be put into a draw and might reveal what it is next to tease...........