Saturday, 5 April 2008

wow what a few days !!!!!

Oh what a few days can do with no connection to the internet.We live in a crazy
world and when my laptop died on me suddenly[poor thing] I was left in a state of
feeling sucidal,I mean no connection to my favourite daily visits,no contact with friends and not been able to access my mail.
I have techy issues with my Tower and Iam still in the throws of sortin it and I really must keep plugin away to resolve the issues.
But what a carry on just trying to get a laptop with the spec I wanted and visits to stores,well I just dont want to talk about it. Finally with my new baby home I have connected to my wireless router,set my security,broke my neck to visit my daily sites.
Now I have to re install alot of programmes and my wireless printer and I think Iam going to make a list of what I have to do[honest you do not realise just what you have on your computer when something fatal happens] thank the good lord my hard drive is okay on the sorta dead one so I will be able to get info onto a stick to find some data I had not backed up. Then need to work this vista Os out,been using os xp for so long!!!!!!!!
oh well Iam goin to dash see what else I can get installed before I retire for the night

see you soon................ oh and e-mail anyone just to check my connections
and if you have e-mailed re send because it is sorta stuck on my poor old machine for moment...............