Saturday, 8 March 2008

Wet Day

Well it been a very wet day,but I dont mind one bit has I have not been out

Been far to busy with the chores,and laundry. The pictures above are the Birthday Card I made for Vicki a dear friend @ KT Crafts,I never get over the beautiful work Vicki churns out and I have never seen a piece I have not loved so her card had to be Special The Card is pink & black Cardstock

feathers I twisted with flowers and then attached the seed pearls to front
and made a little insole using my paint programme for the message but then I thought oh I will add an heel which I did and put pearls around bottom. The Shoe Box I made from plain white Cardstock and sprayed with Glimmer Mist and this gave a nice look, The box is just a freehand job

Its hard explaining how I make them but in general I take 3mm off each side to allow for top and Bottom and roughly make a little indent for the size off my object to be boxed and score all round leaving a little space for the item and the same for the bottom and normally get a good tight fit

Well Iam feeling pretty jaded my little terror has been baking today[I promised] so cupcakes and double choco cookies were made and I had all the mess to clean up. Now I know how my mother felt all them years ago out of 3 sisters I was the only one to love cooking and baking and when I got older my mother just let me do it all in the end,she said there was no point competing with me