Tuesday, 6 May 2008

extra bit of stash from RSD

Well again just look at the presentation in old dress making pattern,umh i will be using this for sure,these are just some Dresdens I ordered from Ruby street designs
I sya just,they are beautiful and might be ordering some extra I love them so much and I know they are nearing limited
Well my dresser arrived the other day a new little place to scrap and been purging the stash but keep finding pieces I had forgotten about or things I lost and bought replacements for like tools, IAm always putting them down and losing them ,does not help having a little one ,it because of my DS I lose them having to put them aways out of his way,can never leave anything laying around like I used to

ruby street designs stash

Well I promised you all a look at my stash I rec from Kris at ruby street designs
but I ended up doing another order !!!!!!!
well presentation wow what can I say!!!! the epherma all real dates back to early 1800 and so interesting just reading what is what alone especially price of coffee and veg. And who owed what to who!! well the buttons and lace pieces remarkable I just keep having to have a touchy feely moment with these I can tell you!

Well I drew another RAK and the winner was GLEE, glee pm me your addy or I will be sending you mail later!!!! congratulations

Kristy your Journal RAK has left the uk on a plane to the USA but wish I was on that plane instead of that box!!
It has been a lovely couple of days and today wow so hot out in that sun ,but hope it keep this pressure up on the system