Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Well first, I`m wishing all my friends and family all around the globe a Very Happy New Year and lets hope its a good one!

I do not know about you but I`m happy to see the last of 2008,it seems to have been a bad year for alot of my friends,been taken ill. Thinking of Glee especially whom I`m happy to say will soon be home if everything goes to plan and knowing Glee it will...........

To Liv , special hugs and prayers for you dear friend............


especially Beverley Todd`s family my heart goes out to you at this sad and tragic Time in your lives,Beverley will be know by lots of you who visit different boards ,very talented scrapper and card maker and Design team member who was taken ill on the 23rd of December with a Brain bleed and passed away on the 24Th December,she had just turned 40 this year and leaves a family youngest been only 4.She will be sadly missed..............

To the families whom have loved ones in the forces who are away,let hope they are home real soon,for those whom have been injured/killed in action " they are all our hero`s",

So I will just be having a nice Day with Dinner and a little bit of time for reflection on the year just gone,and hoping this New One whilst I know it will not be good with the economy been like it is,maybe its a good thing and bring families closer together and back to the good old days of home cooking and the baking days which we had when I was a kid all them years ago ,oh we had so much fun and the silly games we played. So long as you have a roof over your head and the rent/mortgage etc are paid,that's all that matter`s, and you have each other


oh another surprise

oh yes what a great surprise to recieve this blogger award from a very dear blog friend Liv.

Wasn't this ever so nice of her? She's such a darling lady and through all this year she has had a really rough time with her DD been so ill,someday`s I do not know how she copes with it all ,but she does which reminds me of " it takes a special person to be a mother" and Liv is one special person indeed

Now, I must list 6 things that make me happy and six bloggers to make them happy!

1] watching my darling Son growing up,making me laugh at the silly little things he says and does .

2] to be up to my eyeballs in wonderful scrap supplies and especially lace and papers and vintage finds .

3] Just to be so thankful I`m on this earth and though I complain some days I have no reason to I have everything, all my limbs,my eyes and food on my plate everyday .

4] To have so many wonderful blog friends all around the world,all so very special to me.

5] ROFL!! for the internet, wow what would we do with out it.

6] To be thankful to Mum & Dad whom moulded me into the person I have become and brought me up so well, boy I miss my mum everyday but know she is watching over me and mine.

Now I need to send to ^ blogging friends so here goes





Beth M

Saturday, 27 December 2008

another one over!

Well another christmas over,Hope you all had a wonderful time with family,we just had a quiet one,but plenty of mess and toys to find new homes for this is DS with one of his many toys, trash team and wow does this make a noise he loves it. We did not do to bad he woke at 8.20 am, all excited noticed the key at the side of his bed, running around yelling he`s been, he`s been ,and then peeping downstairs yelling again and then he disappeared opening things,so funny and pretty cool he was more in tune with it this year. I spent a good few hours putting things together for him I hate doing this you spend all that money on things only to find it takes a good few hours assembling everything

This is DS whom kindly pinched the wreath from around the yankee candle jar,but I caught him out in the process and camera was handy so could not resist taking this piccy of the little monkey in action,he had been dancing around the room going lalalala so I looked to see what he was doing and this was the answer.......
Well are you all full,over eaten, hit the sales !!?
The New year will soon be upon us and things will soon be returning to normal. well waht is normal LOL!!
ahhhh TO believe!

Monday, 22 December 2008

2 more sleeps until the big day

Well this is Santa`s magic Key box I made last year to convince DS he could get in,and so glad I did because this year he his making me laugh so much he ties tinsel to the handle of the front door and if it has fallen off he says the Elves have been ROFL!!! see I have been busy telling him when he is rummaging in cupboards and found anything to shut the door quick because the elves are collecting things and if he is naughty Santa want be stopping here!! Well this key box sits out near the tree and it disappears on Christmas Eve sometime through the day to convince him Santa is stopping by and he needs to go to sleep early......................
wonder how many year`s I will get away with this .................
Well my Thomas pacconi glass ornaments never made it out to the tree this year,just do not think he is old enough to appreciate them or keep un hooking them from the tree.......shame I really wanted my stuff out this year but they mean to much to me to be broken ah well maybe next year
so this year I just had to settle for some I bought in slivers and pastels blues.....
Wishing all my friend`s
all around the world
a wonderful time
and Happy Christmas
Some packages and cards will be late arriving at the destinations due to me been
ill,but they will get there maybe after christmas and inbetween the next shopping phase for new years eve
I just have a couple of stores to hit for some fresh stuff and I`m totally done
Then just the rush around relatives to drop there things off and home .
then wait on christmas Day to watching DS open his presents,which reminds
me I somehow have to climb in the loft to get some out eck..... Maybe my Darling
Niece will keep him entertained so I can manage it,she is staying over until christmas Eve.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

oh sick of been sick!

Well I`m really still alive although missing, that dreaded virus came back and really got a good hold of me ,so much so that it laid me flat on my back in bed for a few days,I lost a few days with the fever and what ever else was going on, now on the mend but it has left me very tired and lathargic,so if you have any energy going spare send it my way. Oh I have so much to do,but suppose all the sicko`s will be out the way for christmas

This is a little project I was trying before I got sick, A tin,yes a tin opened from the wrong end to keep the ring pull action and then goodies been put in it and it been glued from the underside. I used my safety can opener,if you dont have one,maybe a neighbour has one you can borrow!! if you are stuck a good supplier like QVC UK, USA and germany has these. I did write the codes and prices down but have just mis-laid these so if you need them give me a shout.

I have not managed to put the label on this yet,because it would possibly lead to the person its heading out to.............
Well I think these next few weeks are going to fly by and really need to get motivated with what I need to do and then there is the dreaded shopping oh I hate grocery shopping............
take care....................