Sunday, 13 July 2008


This one I find my most wackiest,loudest layouts ever,do not know what was running through my mind at the time,bit I wanted to show what inspired me, like colour/color
ink and stamps ribbons and buttons and flowers and all colours/colors of paper cardstock etc
Iam one of these people whom is taken by mood and what I see when I look at something. Tell me does your mood alter your scrapbooking/cardmaking !!? What is your source of inspiration !!? Doe you start with your papers or your pictures!!?
OH please tell me I would love to know,oh and I feel Blog Candy ..............


Oh it a very nice sunny Day and I like a wander around the garden,look at the work of art below its a marigold, I find we are so blessed when looking at how unique this detailing is the flower. Shame I have lots of chores on the agenda to attend to ugh! Managed to sit playing and made a few cards last night. Played with the New Prima Voila art die cut strips and DID have lots of fun,and flocked with black wow not sure If I like the feel of this stuff but went ahead with my idea [will show you later]

oh and I will be in the strawberry`s later fancy some for tea,so nice just getting out and picking my own