Sunday, 16 March 2008

How did

How did I know that when I wrote what a day,should have read ugh what a week!!!!!!!! Today Iam not touching anything or writing anything in htmll .cut!!!!
Well I noticed when in the kitchen doing the dinners[as you do] The cereal box says "win a day to be zookeeper for a day!"Now forgive me if Iam wrong but why would I want to win this! I already manage a Zoo!!
I shop they eat it! I hide it they find it! I wash they make more mess!
Just when you think the dishwasher has caught up I blink really Iam I seeing things umgh oh no Iam not there is another loads, So why oh why would I want to win this when Iam fully qualified in running one anyway!
Maybe I should advertise "wanna be zookeeper for a day!! do you think I would get many takers!!???? Iam off yes to clear more mess and maybe I need to teach them some new tricks!