Saturday, 2 February 2008


Well today I just have no incline at all to create,maybe the mojo
has left the tiny building standing on my neck!! or maybe its due to this blinding thumping headache I have had all day.
Iam so wanting to do something,yet Saturday is not my favourite
Day I have 1 1/2 kids whining at me [the other half and my son]
oh think life just revolves around them,umh well I have news IT DOES
Iam so looking forward to the mini crop we will be having on line
with my "special international Friends at
they have so much talent it is totally inspirational,yet so warm and friendly. It has just got to be the BEST and I mean THE BEST forum
I have been on. None of them feline thingies with talons sticking out the end of there finger ends,no snarling teeth snapping know what I mean!!!!!!! Just a warm homely place to scrap on line