Wednesday, 5 March 2008

sketch No2

Well sketch No 2 is here,nothing flash pretty simple really . I have been
drawing away,but with techy issues getting in the way I just have not had time to neaten the rough bits. talking of techy My host has changed servers,now one of my reg company`s has changed servers and if changing all the ISP `s wasnt enough Iam now having broadband trouble
I was only saying to Jorunn I have only had it once umh think I might have spoken to soon
Well Glee a dear friend at KTC has had her eye surgery today I pray & hope all has gone well for Glee and hope to see when recovered Glee doing some wonderful work again,mind you if her ops are okay I just dread to think what this wonderful hugable lady will pump out,her work is awesome now Go on over leave Glee some love,let her know we are thinking and praying for her
Well Glee I wonder will we ever get Rob over on the forum[Glee`s Son]
oh he does some wicked cards and we know whom he gets it from

well I think that is it for today been a strange one we have had Ice,snow,rain,hailstone and sun
see you................