Tuesday, 13 May 2008

bloomin lovely

Well what blooomin wonderful weather we are experiencing for May
looks like a good crop of blueberries might be had this year,love them
and my solitary Tulip a beautiful dark purple the rest are just coming through
now and my grape vine I noticed has just started budding,it was a total waste last year due to the weather and the vine is an outdoor,all year round one Iam trying

Well nothing much going on,done a few cards and odd projects need finishing
but I did not sleep to good and now sat thinking coffee or shall I finish something
up I have on the go


Glee said...

What beauty you have shown in photos, Rose! Everything is coming up just wonderfully; what a feast for my eyes!

Vicki said...

These pictures are beautiful! I too, have a lone tulip this year since I pulled all of the bulbs last fall. Seems I missed one of the peach colored ones. Love the flowering blueberry bush! That picture is awesome.