Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Well The Cookie Tray
challenge result
Iam not 100% happy with it,but possibly it is me Iam just to much of a darn perfectionist when it comes to crafting/scrapbooking things have to be right.
Oh well Iam wondering if I should do a layout and enter the Design Team for Kt Crafts,Iam just so un-decided
Iam not even sure if my work is good enough for this at all.
I need to finish a project and wanting to start some others off and
DS having cold is not helping ,half term and crabby etc. Mind you we have a new addition to the family a Goldfish my DS wanted today,total
change from the things on 4 wheels Iam so used to buying . Just hope he does not want any off the other things we saw like snake,stick insects,camelion and a few other urghh creepies.