Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A little birdie!

Well today has been quite a nice Day ,I had a walk in the garden and whilst my
daffodils are dying down,my tulips have grown so quick, and one has flowered
beautiful,must remember to take a picture of it tomorrow,I forgot now the name
it was Black something!!!!!!!
I have been sat watching my blackie[blackbird] and his hen busy building the nest
a total work of art it has taken them 2 days,but Iam amazed at blackie choice of lodgings and this has put paid to some of my DIY projects,down the side of my conservatory
the glass blew out during the storms and it never got put back in right ,well I chocked it with a piece of wood about 24 x 18" against the glass and fence,well the
nest has been built on here right under the ivy at a wierd angle,We have to pass everytime we go out. But blackie is not bothered at all by us. Might see if I can manage a picture of the nest from a pair of ladders,but dont want to disturb them
at all
I love this time of year when you see all the birds collecting the pieces for their nests and the amount they carry in the bill
I know why blackie is here,becuase he comes in and pinches the dogs dinner,loves the dog biscuits and it is funny watching him,also he knows were the pigen corn is stored
so ,he not daft at all
This is a picture of my big finished clothspin in all Foof-a-la papers red black cream collection,just adore these paper, the little birdie well is re cycled it is from Vicki Christman and just had to use it,I do have this set of stamps from Crafty secrets and love working with them,umgh I have also used it on a layout but that cannot be shown for now.................
My little man is still un well,but two days now everything is "Why" oh its funny trying the end the whys because when you think you have done it all of a sudden another "but why" comes .......................