Saturday, 29 March 2008

Oh Sketch No3 is a little late but here!!

Well Sketch No 3 is here just plain card with a simple twist
I`am having fun,one more week and its back to school for my little Guy
The weather has not been nice today and I really have created nothing
in a few days,But did get lots of new stash from over the pond,some awesome
Acrylic stamps from Crafty secrets!! oh I have played with these already
and they have been used on a project, but I cannot show it yet,but I will
later Iam very impressed with the image quality of these stamps and
the small detail even shows so well

I have lots running in my head I want to do and will get started soon
The online crop at KT Crafts was fun as always and I got quite a bit done
in one day!!!!!!! I will show some of the challeneges I completed later
like Vicki`s Post it note cover and Time capsule, White space challenge
Brittany`s what black & White and round all over

Thursday, 20 March 2008


Well here is my Card that I made for the challenge thrown by Vicki Chrisman,yes real daffodils froom the garden you can see the other girls cards over at Vicki`s blog There is some wonderful varitions

on the cards.

I was so excited when I got mine in the mail to see what I had! Tell you I was not disappointed.My card I wanted a clean,crisp finish to it,but I have forgotten to tell you we could only use the things in the envelope and Could NOT add anything else,we could add ink,glitter etc

I used the Vintage papers and image from crafty Secret heartwarming
vintage collection from the envelope
I just loved this image with the 2 rabbits and the little fellow with his rosy cheeks I just had to set this on a jaunty angle to make it look like they were about to pop off the card and I just inked the edges of the images and the matting piece behind. I added a little piece of Red ribbon fixed by a red Brad to make it look like a tag. and two clear button down the side of mat

I just inked around the card edges,not wanting to detract from this wonderful image in any way

Then I just had to put the beautiful lace on and I think the hardest part was trying to tie a bow with less 3" of lace left[well just just have to have a bow at Easter.

Thank you Vicki for allowing me to play I LOVED IT!

I think Vicki is throwing another one soon so if you want to be part ,get on over to her Blog

The envelope made me Laugh Vicki must have had fun, it was stamped acorss the front[not samll either]:

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes

Art is knowing which ones to keep"

I thought this was so funny because there was no room for mistakes within this envelope, I had no mistakes to cover up this time!!

seeing its the first day of spring Iam also showing the photo of the Doddllebug chipboard House I made a few weeks ago,seeing it has chicks on thought it was fitting for this post

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Easter is nearly

Well I cannot believe have fast Easter is approaching,dont you
just love it when its here so soon this year,Anyone planning anything
special!? Us well nothing fantastic, just the big Lunch and Eggs after for my son. Reminds me when I was little we used to boil them and then paint them and once dry we used to go roll them down a hill at my grandfathers home in the Country ohh it takes me back,living in a Town
when school was out I was on the Bus or the fastest method of transport
to my granfather house in the Country I still go through to see my Aunt and just love the place,it was always trouble for my mother & father trying to get me back home,I would miss the bus on purpose and would do anything to be late back. Mind you I remember one year my tricks did not pay of I had to catch a bus,now trying to get these in the country aint no fun I had a total of 4 buses on and off changing on route just to get back to town and ohh what an earful I got when I got home. I would do it all again today though................

Sunday, 16 March 2008

How did

How did I know that when I wrote what a day,should have read ugh what a week!!!!!!!! Today Iam not touching anything or writing anything in htmll .cut!!!!
Well I noticed when in the kitchen doing the dinners[as you do] The cereal box says "win a day to be zookeeper for a day!"Now forgive me if Iam wrong but why would I want to win this! I already manage a Zoo!!
I shop they eat it! I hide it they find it! I wash they make more mess!
Just when you think the dishwasher has caught up I blink really Iam I seeing things umgh oh no Iam not there is another loads, So why oh why would I want to win this when Iam fully qualified in running one anyway!
Maybe I should advertise "wanna be zookeeper for a day!! do you think I would get many takers!!???? Iam off yes to clear more mess and maybe I need to teach them some new tricks!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

ugh what a day

Well I seem to have had a rotten day everything I have touched
seems to go wrong, Mind you darling Son is no help ,been off school
with eye infection and he just seems to be really just pushing it a bit to much with me. He has broken a pyrex dish today[how do you manage that] sprayed his dads shaving foam all over my bathroom mirrors doors warts an all,put washing up liquid in dogs dinner,emptied my shredding machine bin all over the floor[why did a buy a cross cut one argh!!]
Well between him and working on something in HTML I really dont know,if to chill or kill!!!!!!!! scap some or think some!!!!!!!!!
I NEED coffee so bad right now starbucks and so strong!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Wet Day

Well it been a very wet day,but I dont mind one bit has I have not been out

Been far to busy with the chores,and laundry. The pictures above are the Birthday Card I made for Vicki a dear friend @ KT Crafts,I never get over the beautiful work Vicki churns out and I have never seen a piece I have not loved so her card had to be Special The Card is pink & black Cardstock

feathers I twisted with flowers and then attached the seed pearls to front
and made a little insole using my paint programme for the message but then I thought oh I will add an heel which I did and put pearls around bottom. The Shoe Box I made from plain white Cardstock and sprayed with Glimmer Mist and this gave a nice look, The box is just a freehand job

Its hard explaining how I make them but in general I take 3mm off each side to allow for top and Bottom and roughly make a little indent for the size off my object to be boxed and score all round leaving a little space for the item and the same for the bottom and normally get a good tight fit

Well Iam feeling pretty jaded my little terror has been baking today[I promised] so cupcakes and double choco cookies were made and I had all the mess to clean up. Now I know how my mother felt all them years ago out of 3 sisters I was the only one to love cooking and baking and when I got older my mother just let me do it all in the end,she said there was no point competing with me

Friday, 7 March 2008


Oh Iam so pleased it is Friday. My creative mood is back and things
are now whirling around in my head. OH I got new toy today from over the Pond It is the BIG BITE eyelet setter ,I just had to have it with it long
reach I will be able to get in the middle of 12" layout ,its Baby is the cropadile which I love dearly and so easy to use,on tin and amazing on Cds I first used it on a CD and thought oh blimey this is going to crack it ,but no,I was amazed at how easy it was..... So now I need to get my new toy cracked open and play.........

anyone for muffins!!?? My favourite blog of all time has got to be Vicki christman`s I just love the work she does and Vicki never fails to inspire me I totally drool over her site and now,Iam drooling over the cranberry muffins!!

and we seem to have the same taste in everything,This Lady costs me money!! Iam always rummaging in stores for bits and bobs. Like the Antique Lace I used on my Cigar Box from my fav habbi store It was hiding right at the back and the owner said oh thats old I will never get anything like that again ever made!! So I said oh I will have 4 metres and whilst he was measuring it out I thought umh "tell you what Tony measure rest of it " I ended up with 10 metres of it but I know it will always come in....

Back to Vicki now not content with inspiring me ,She is now trying to add
Pounds to my waistline her oh so yummy muffin picture on her site
and a lovely recipe on Vicki`s blog Iam so going to try!!!..........

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

sketch No2

Well sketch No 2 is here,nothing flash pretty simple really . I have been
drawing away,but with techy issues getting in the way I just have not had time to neaten the rough bits. talking of techy My host has changed servers,now one of my reg company`s has changed servers and if changing all the ISP `s wasnt enough Iam now having broadband trouble
I was only saying to Jorunn I have only had it once umh think I might have spoken to soon
Well Glee a dear friend at KTC has had her eye surgery today I pray & hope all has gone well for Glee and hope to see when recovered Glee doing some wonderful work again,mind you if her ops are okay I just dread to think what this wonderful hugable lady will pump out,her work is awesome now Go on over leave Glee some love,let her know we are thinking and praying for her
Well Glee I wonder will we ever get Rob over on the forum[Glee`s Son]
oh he does some wicked cards and we know whom he gets it from

well I think that is it for today been a strange one we have had Ice,snow,rain,hailstone and sun
see you................