Wednesday, 30 July 2008

That Big Hive

This is that Extra Large Beehive I told you about in the previous post
It has an Eco friendly roof planted with marjoram & thyme dont forget DOUBLE CLICK to make it go BIG and the think hanging down in the middle is busy bee`s home!

See told you it was big and guess what I was behind DS here lol!! oh yeah honey you just was going to get me any nearer to this!!!!!!!like NOT
This is my Son with cousin Racheal they went and ventured a little closer I used my zoom lense LOL!!

Well The sign to the left of the hive has a WARNING! saying our bees our busy at work and they dont mind you watching,so long as you dont annoy them by tapping the glass or they WILL REMEMBER YOU ,oh yeah that said enough we did not stop long around here. But with that been said they were working hard in the fields ,hundreds of them so it was a eco place to visit

just some of the lavender rows we walked around due to the high heat and bees and then we paid a visit to the shop and had a lavender scone, then we travelled onwards and headed for the coast and beech,just a few photos on the beach I was A little bothered about getting sand near my camera & lense so played safe with a few and put it away

Monday, 28 July 2008

Wolds Way Lavendar Distillery & Herb Farm

This is the distillery cooling pond,theraputic listening to water on a very hot summer`s Day. My son has nagged for weeks to go to this farm and it did not diappoint at all,set in the beautiful wolds of Yorkshire
This is the distillery its the only wood fired distillery in Britian the wood fire can be seen to the left and the Lavendar is put into the wood Vat in the middle the purple almost radiator tank to the right is were the lavendar oil goes from the steam vat and the oil distilled
The process involves passing steam through the harvested lavender in a still. The vapours then pass through a condenser with the liquid being collected. The oil floats on top of the water and is decanted off. It is then kept for six months before it is ready to be are two large tanks that run the full length of the building. One used to draw air through the lavender to dry it. The other tank is piped to the two ponds. The water is circulated and used for through the condensor in the distilation process of the lavender.
This has to be one of my favourite photo`s of the Day my Son in awe of the fluttering and oblivious to the bees in the lavendar!
A Speckled wood butterfly [Pararge aegeria][satyridae] just flying and
fluttering from flower to flower

Talking of bees this farm has hives and has the Largest beehive in the world I will show you pictures later,umh now you did not get me in it! Paul was the only brave one to enter I did have a peep and what I saw made me back off big time oh hundreds of them behind glass,but I was not brave enough to venture any closer,nor my SOn or Niece,when i show you picture you will understnad why!
oh and since doing this post We have also been to Yorkshire Lavendar in the howardian hill so will post pictures + the BIG ,massive beehive later
enjoy your day.................

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Another hot day,and finished my card

A view of the wedding cake card out of its box
This is just to show the mini flowers on the top tier
The card in its box 3 sides acetate so it can be viewed at 3 angles and the back plain so the verse was put here
A view showing the finished lid had to extract the corner pieces from one large piece and the " on your wedding Day" is on plain white vellum

This Card project was something I have been working on for a few days each tier is a box so it can be opened on each tier and pieces put in it or really can just be left empty I think the hardest part of this was hanging on to the mini flowers with my tweezers and silicone glue cannot remember how many shot across the room I say mini think I should say minature. The box I was going to do four sides with acetate and changed my mind on thinking um were will the verse go,so decided 3 clear viewing windows and one plain piece for the back ideal for the verse
Lace anyone who knows me,knows just how much I have,but could I find a white ideal for the job NO!! so off I go to my store found 2 which fitted the bill so bought what was left on each bolt,With doing vintage stuff so much I had perfect lace in creams,So I came home with a bit more stash for the lace pile
Iam pretty happy I have completed this and met my deadline for it,It is for a friend getting married,so we will be taking it up to her shortly
My it has been another hot day to nice to sit in,but sit in I have,tomorrow
Its supposed to be a really,really hot and humid Day and I really want to take DS and my niece to the lavendar Fields,but could well be a visit to the coast really undecided at the moment

until the next...........

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

to flock or not!

This card was a plain black cardstock and autumn leaves patterend paper, I love lime with Black,well this was a prima new die cut cardstock voila strip andI have some flock stuff and I open it and never use it,the urgh texture i do not like on my fingers I was scrating my nose for ages after using it,it gets everywhere but back to the strip I peeled the self adhesive piece of and thought umh sticky!! so I applied the flock to this and was pretty pleased with the how it stuck I then used my own adhesive[beacon] to stick to the card

this was a male card challenge from jorunn I used some old HOTP papers and corrugated some cardstock ,screwed some up and applied tim Holtz inks The centre image was Crafty secret and the distressed/sanding labels 7 gypsies I liked how it turned out with all the layers and textured and so apt for a man....
OH and I have a little TOOT okay it only a E-zine ,but it first time I ever submitted and been accepted so I was pretty happy, I had to remove my item from the KT gallery due to the contract I had to sign for publishing with SNR

This is a link to my submission

I hope it okay to go via a link,oh might have to read that contract again!

oh well schools out shortly for summer holidays so I will go collect my little man soon and I think cookie cooking is on the agenda tonight for him!
Oh looking forward to seeing some new stuff from CHA enjoy your day and hopefully
I will get up to speed with my blog, Iam just playing,well really one is playing wondering what it will end up like and another is making which I need finished for thursday/friday am at the latest a wedding card but its taking me long than I had planned on...........
bye for now

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Summer living

This is a challenge at Kt craft to make a gate fold anniversary card,I love gate fold well I love anything cardmaking which it not the norm full stop
Here I have used autumn leaves patterend papers love this color scheme the dotty piece behind the Prima voila die cut strips I also used to line the inside with and saved a piece to line the inside of the envelope, the Prima strip Iam loving this stuff I inked it up and then place kaiser pearls on it[think they are called blush] a very pale duck egg blue,voila one anniversary card

This friendship card was a sketch challenge at kt crafts by Jan tatmir,great sketch to work for Jan`s work can also be found at SAR[some assembly required]
cut to shape and mounted on a pastel pink base,I used a breezy design rub on and then placed crytal`s and pearls from kaiser on different flower head
Well a fine sunny day here and I have a couple more card challenges to show up maybe tomorrow I will post them up
Oh to all my friends over the pond setting off tomorrow to the Summer CHA firstly stay safe! secondly take your laptop`s and get some sneek previews up and lastly return safe soon loaded with new stuff!!..
Now if I was going my bee line would be Craft secrets stall,tattered angels,fancy pants and prima stands first, I have seen some nice peeks into lots of new stuff and new manufacturers hitting the market espcecially black market papers,oh and want to see Jenni bowlins new stuff oh and hambly birdcages DS and see maya road is launching maya mists[would have to try just to compare to my glimmer mist`s but dont think anyone can match tattered angels with this stuff and range oh see the list would not even finish to much to list ,right Iam off...............

Sunday, 13 July 2008


This one I find my most wackiest,loudest layouts ever,do not know what was running through my mind at the time,bit I wanted to show what inspired me, like colour/color
ink and stamps ribbons and buttons and flowers and all colours/colors of paper cardstock etc
Iam one of these people whom is taken by mood and what I see when I look at something. Tell me does your mood alter your scrapbooking/cardmaking !!? What is your source of inspiration !!? Doe you start with your papers or your pictures!!?
OH please tell me I would love to know,oh and I feel Blog Candy ..............


Oh it a very nice sunny Day and I like a wander around the garden,look at the work of art below its a marigold, I find we are so blessed when looking at how unique this detailing is the flower. Shame I have lots of chores on the agenda to attend to ugh! Managed to sit playing and made a few cards last night. Played with the New Prima Voila art die cut strips and DID have lots of fun,and flocked with black wow not sure If I like the feel of this stuff but went ahead with my idea [will show you later]

oh and I will be in the strawberry`s later fancy some for tea,so nice just getting out and picking my own

Monday, 7 July 2008

Time to reveal!!!!!!

Wow its the 7Th of July and you know what this means its time to uncover the challenge laid on the table from Vicki Chrisman,make sure you hop over to Vicki`s and see what the others have created

I just love this sort of challenge and can honestly say I had an idea in my head and the mojo just totally erupted on this challenge I have used so many techniques in the making of this WALL HANGING I had the envelope with my pieces and then could only play with plain card stocks

we could use ink,stamps other mediums etc I really love playing this and had so much fun

Right we better get listing then I started using World win card stock DS - color Raspberry and then I cut it to 10 x12 Now the glimmer mist stencils out ,glimmer mist- tattered Rose and bubble gum pink armed ready and sprayed a fine misting,then thought it needed a bit of a pattern the good old bleach came out and I drizzles and dragged and pushed my paintbrush[fine] around the get movement I craved.

Now going onto my image from crafty secret heart warming vintage image from the new journal booklet

a "um "and a "R,"right I though booklet ran through my head so out came a neutral card stock cut into 4 x 4 and made 4 pieces and then folded in middle ,damped it all down with my sprayer ,screwed it ,bashed it,twisted it and started curling and ripping corners and edges to get what I wanted,now a quick splat of modge podge to hold edges whilst it all dried out Once dry I then gave it a coating of tattered rose and Coffee shop Glimmer mist then when dried I then gave it all 2 good coats of modge podge gloss and left to dry,mounted the Craft secrets image in the middle and the pieces of text from the journal piece , happy so far,needs a mount so I went for Bazzill card stock cut to shape and machine stitched in red leaves around the shape. The pattern paper from my pack I cut into triangle`s and mounted on double sided pads to the top of the page giving it a banner look,corrugated a piece through my ribber and placed this to the bottom. Now the heart from my pack I inked green embossed with some UTE[ultra thick embossing powder] Not totally happy decided I would use my glue pad and add some cerise pearl-ex on to it more UTE and I think finally 3 coats later I was happy with the result,3 buttons now
I wanted some thread so in my pack I had a green ribbon and upon playing noticed the black thread would pull so I carefully pulled 2 lengths out of it and thread through the buttons.My flowers red and white had to be changed [white one] inked and embossed green and anchored with the little heart grommet in the pack,voila this is the end result ,please make sure you go check the other participants out at Vicki`s blog oh and get a glimpse of the new Tattered angels stuff over here to[not for the faint hearted lol!!]its sure to melt your plastic when its released thats for sure!!!!!!! and don`t blame me!!!!

VICKI- thanks for having me play! and having so much fun again..........

Thursday, 3 July 2008

yeah I know another one today

Well I just had to tell you about this smashing Guy called Adrian

from Omaha,Nebraska from Tender Heart Treasures,well like the latta

he is an absolute treasure I had to ring to pay for my order oh and add some things on,so nice to speak to a real person,so pleasant and helpful

and here`s to you Adrian enjoy your 3 days break whilst celebrating 4Th July,if everyone was like you the world would be a better place

and all my friends over the water I hope you all have a great holiday tomorrow


100% better

Well A bright layout for a bright sunny day this was a challenge using the words "lazy days of summer @ Ktcraft recent cyber crop, This was cherry arte paper extracted from the 12" x12" sheet and this is the 1st time I have used a photo twice of my DS,this bucket had water in for wash
ing my windows but I went indoors to get my blade what do you call it and some how he had managed to get totally in this how I dont know but it took some getting him out lol!!crazy child of mine....

My cardinal red climatis in full bloom and so rich and dark in colour
I love my climatis along with my roses

and here is my blonde bombshell just look at the muck around her chops she has only been in my strawberries pinching them,they dont call them retrievers for nothing,but did not know she would retrieve my strawberries little minx,well big actually...

oh I got a e-mail today saying a layout I had submitted is going to be published firt time I have actually submitted and so happy right now
and then ohhh soon be the 7th July and I can upload and link you to my
Vicki Chrisman challenge Iam very happy how it turned out even though it took a slight twist to the idea`s in my head ,the mojo errupted totally on this..........7th,7th yes .....
and Iam feeling a 100% better than I was ,Told my child keep your germs to yourself next time I dont need them..........