Friday, 7 March 2008


Oh Iam so pleased it is Friday. My creative mood is back and things
are now whirling around in my head. OH I got new toy today from over the Pond It is the BIG BITE eyelet setter ,I just had to have it with it long
reach I will be able to get in the middle of 12" layout ,its Baby is the cropadile which I love dearly and so easy to use,on tin and amazing on Cds I first used it on a CD and thought oh blimey this is going to crack it ,but no,I was amazed at how easy it was..... So now I need to get my new toy cracked open and play.........

anyone for muffins!!?? My favourite blog of all time has got to be Vicki christman`s I just love the work she does and Vicki never fails to inspire me I totally drool over her site and now,Iam drooling over the cranberry muffins!!

and we seem to have the same taste in everything,This Lady costs me money!! Iam always rummaging in stores for bits and bobs. Like the Antique Lace I used on my Cigar Box from my fav habbi store It was hiding right at the back and the owner said oh thats old I will never get anything like that again ever made!! So I said oh I will have 4 metres and whilst he was measuring it out I thought umh "tell you what Tony measure rest of it " I ended up with 10 metres of it but I know it will always come in....

Back to Vicki now not content with inspiring me ,She is now trying to add
Pounds to my waistline her oh so yummy muffin picture on her site
and a lovely recipe on Vicki`s blog Iam so going to try!!!..........