Wednesday, 30 July 2008

That Big Hive

This is that Extra Large Beehive I told you about in the previous post
It has an Eco friendly roof planted with marjoram & thyme dont forget DOUBLE CLICK to make it go BIG and the think hanging down in the middle is busy bee`s home!

See told you it was big and guess what I was behind DS here lol!! oh yeah honey you just was going to get me any nearer to this!!!!!!!like NOT
This is my Son with cousin Racheal they went and ventured a little closer I used my zoom lense LOL!!

Well The sign to the left of the hive has a WARNING! saying our bees our busy at work and they dont mind you watching,so long as you dont annoy them by tapping the glass or they WILL REMEMBER YOU ,oh yeah that said enough we did not stop long around here. But with that been said they were working hard in the fields ,hundreds of them so it was a eco place to visit

just some of the lavender rows we walked around due to the high heat and bees and then we paid a visit to the shop and had a lavender scone, then we travelled onwards and headed for the coast and beech,just a few photos on the beach I was A little bothered about getting sand near my camera & lense so played safe with a few and put it away