Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Oh I can now share the layout I had published in the scrapbook news & reviews seeing my agreement has cleared the dates, this was my first ever published pieces and I was jumping with joy when I got the e-mail,but when I looked again I thought someone was pulling my leg then I got the contract through to sign so I then knew it was cosha!
this was just plain white card and hand cut scalloping and a technique tuesday stamp used for the flowers the dots were all done using stickles and it took time,abit of faux stitching and my DS in special care unit

Wow this week is travelling fast,so far pumpkin patch has been [post piccies later] we had such a laugh and tears of laughter rolling down my face a somethings,DS and my niece enjoyed it, we had tractor trailer ride to the muddy patch I should have wore my wellies instead of good leather kid boots .
Well going to do something and post later and will try to keep up to speed after the school half term is so hard,blogging,forms.creating ugh technology has alot to answer for...............