Thursday, 24 July 2008

Another hot day,and finished my card

A view of the wedding cake card out of its box
This is just to show the mini flowers on the top tier
The card in its box 3 sides acetate so it can be viewed at 3 angles and the back plain so the verse was put here
A view showing the finished lid had to extract the corner pieces from one large piece and the " on your wedding Day" is on plain white vellum

This Card project was something I have been working on for a few days each tier is a box so it can be opened on each tier and pieces put in it or really can just be left empty I think the hardest part of this was hanging on to the mini flowers with my tweezers and silicone glue cannot remember how many shot across the room I say mini think I should say minature. The box I was going to do four sides with acetate and changed my mind on thinking um were will the verse go,so decided 3 clear viewing windows and one plain piece for the back ideal for the verse
Lace anyone who knows me,knows just how much I have,but could I find a white ideal for the job NO!! so off I go to my store found 2 which fitted the bill so bought what was left on each bolt,With doing vintage stuff so much I had perfect lace in creams,So I came home with a bit more stash for the lace pile
Iam pretty happy I have completed this and met my deadline for it,It is for a friend getting married,so we will be taking it up to her shortly
My it has been another hot day to nice to sit in,but sit in I have,tomorrow
Its supposed to be a really,really hot and humid Day and I really want to take DS and my niece to the lavendar Fields,but could well be a visit to the coast really undecided at the moment

until the next...........