Friday, 23 May 2008

Guess what!?

Well I have been sat busy,playing of course,Can anyone guess what I`am up
to now!!?? Anyone who guesses correctly I will send a RAK anywhere in the world
Get your guess in folks!!
Well I will reveal what Iam up to later, I love my bendy bow scissors and could not live without them[3 pairs] they are my favourite for fine detail work I own pairs of scissors,but these are my dessert island ones
OH I got my craft Secrets booklet in the mail today and oh I honestly cannot stop pawing and purring they are just devine, took alot of finding but I did find a place in california who shipped to the uk,
I also had another package in the mail lots of chipboard and journalling tags
from a swop we did at KT crafts and that has me purring also
I need to do some layouts and get my butt in gear,but I have been altering so much I just cannot stop doing it I find myself looking around when Iam out thinking oh that would look good altered know what I mean
well thats it folks might update over the weekend, or later in the week
Enjoy your Bank holiday ..........................


Country Liv . . . said...

Guessing maybe you are cutting out roofing tiles for your birdhouse? I just adore those scissors; never seen any like that before. Can't wait to see what you do with the Crafty Secrets stuff!
By the way, I just now found your blog (I'm a dumb Dora sometimes!)and it's super keen. I'll be coming back!

rose said...

your just to good Liv!! Yeah for you I will pm you for your addy and a RAK will be on its way to you
thanks for playing!
Oh iam havin so much fun on this one!