Tuesday, 5 February 2008

My Good friend Dawn won the Altered Clock competition from http://alter-nativefun.blogspot.com/ {some assembly required}whooo well done Dawn,It is so pretty and Dawn deserves this win it is beautiful

My New Birthday Toy

Well Look what DH bought me for my birthday I have always been in to photography,and have a wonderful SLR,but just cannot be bothered with film much now and I hardly use my Darkroom stuff think that was due to having my son almost 5 years ago I decided the chemicals in colour & Black and White to be just to dangerous to have around with a little one let alone the fumes. I have a few digital camera`s but wanted something between digital & SLR and this seemed the perfect choice with a whopping 18 zoom ISo range from 100 up to 1600. I was told to have a look I did," He said I knew you would come back with it" well fancy him telling me to look this means go buy it to me in female language lol!!
I have had a little play and loving the shutter speed and going to print some sepia off of it,oh the kid is just going to love me saying "sausages" and "cheese"
whilst I play with my new toy