Tuesday, 29 April 2008

oh winner of RAK

Well I have drawn the winner well my DS has from a good shake up of names from a box
and the winner is Kristy Huddle congratulations Kristy!!!!!!!!
I suppose you are dying to know what it is well here it is a life journal book - urban lily it has 50 printed journalling pages,25 rules pages 10 blank pages and 5
polka dot dividers
it lime green lighting not to good tonight and it will be mailing to you shortly
You know I might save the names and pick a 2nd RAK later.................

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

short and sweet!

Well I have had a really bad Day at the helm,called the crazy british schooling system. But in the heat of everything I totally forgot I had recieved a package
today form Australia
oh my word I opened it and it was the things I ordered from Kris at Ruby street Designs, Iam totally bowled over with the items and talk about presentation well
that is just awesome Iam keeping my post short and sweet I have a rather bad headache
but I can tell you now Iam going to be taking a picture of the items to post on here
and Also Iam wondering if to reveal what my RAK is !!!!!!!.............

Friday, 18 April 2008

Do you love vintage!

Well Iam a total vintage freak,do not know why it just does something to me!
maybe I have had a past life I dont know really,but I have found a few pieces
Iam needing for when I find the cabinet I want[now that is proving hard] because
I want to totally strip it and paint it,found a couple but Iam so in love with them
and they are beautiful pieces in their own right it would be a shame to alter them
so Iam sitting tight for now. The other half just sees £££££ rolling round in front of him, but I ALWAYS WIN
Well I really have had no time to scrap or do anything else really. Was hoping to pay a visit to a country Lavendar on the wolds [ww.woldswaylavendar.co.uk ,[but that might have to wait with DS still ill] it is a 7 acre site with over 120 varieties of lavendar and herbs. I love real lavendar not the synthetic stuff and here they distill on site. Iam really wanting to try the lavendar scones umgh argh......
different,but sound yummy
well a few of my finds........ Iam also awaiting the arrival of a silver hand mirror I have just bought from 1930circ
Never know next time I might be feeling like sending a RAK anywhere in the world
so any posts will be put into a draw and might reveal what it is next time..........love to tease...........

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A little birdie!

Well today has been quite a nice Day ,I had a walk in the garden and whilst my
daffodils are dying down,my tulips have grown so quick, and one has flowered
beautiful,must remember to take a picture of it tomorrow,I forgot now the name
it was Black something!!!!!!!
I have been sat watching my blackie[blackbird] and his hen busy building the nest
a total work of art it has taken them 2 days,but Iam amazed at blackie choice of lodgings and this has put paid to some of my DIY projects,down the side of my conservatory
the glass blew out during the storms and it never got put back in right ,well I chocked it with a piece of wood about 24 x 18" against the glass and fence,well the
nest has been built on here right under the ivy at a wierd angle,We have to pass everytime we go out. But blackie is not bothered at all by us. Might see if I can manage a picture of the nest from a pair of ladders,but dont want to disturb them
at all
I love this time of year when you see all the birds collecting the pieces for their nests and the amount they carry in the bill
I know why blackie is here,becuase he comes in and pinches the dogs dinner,loves the dog biscuits and it is funny watching him,also he knows were the pigen corn is stored
so ,he not daft at all
This is a picture of my big finished clothspin in all Foof-a-la papers red black cream collection,just adore these paper, the little birdie well is re cycled it is from Vicki Christman and just had to use it,I do have this set of stamps from Crafty secrets and love working with them,umgh I have also used it on a layout but that cannot be shown for now.................
My little man is still un well,but two days now everything is "Why" oh its funny trying the end the whys because when you think you have done it all of a sudden another "but why" comes .......................

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Been bloggin

Oh came across a fab vintage place Called Ruby street Designs you will find a link on my favourite places to the right
Well needless to say I ended up ordering some wonderful items,The store owner Kris
ships international,very friendly helpful lady,nothing is to much trouble, and new designs are been added next month[april] from some fab designers.
Iam so happy I found this place and if you get chance you vintage lovers hop on over and pay Kris a visit you will not be disappointed in the treasures to be found here!!
Today started out sunny,but well the good old British weather ended in rain,now thats a surpise!!! Just hope we do not get the summer that last year just rained and rained and rained on us. Iam looking forward to getting in the garden but a little weary on planting because last year most of it was wrecked with all the water that landed. I have photos from one day plant pots were just passing by the conservatory and floating by

Iam nearly done with all the re-installing of my programmes,so with a bit of luck might get a sketch or something uploaded soon................

until the next time..........

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Getting on!

Well I`am getting things done on the lappy ,lots still to install and had to do Invoice design again for others halfs business, that was wonderful having to re do this then do all the paperwork for the month end .
It has been a sunny day ,alittle on the crisp side though,But Iam shattered I think I managed about 1 hours sleep last night I just could not switch off for some reason
DS went back to school today,so a little respite for me but today none to busy sorting things out and doing post office run with packages
Oh well I will blog later in the week and go do something like re load another programme.......................

Saturday, 5 April 2008

wow what a few days !!!!!

Oh what a few days can do with no connection to the internet.We live in a crazy
world and when my laptop died on me suddenly[poor thing] I was left in a state of
feeling sucidal,I mean no connection to my favourite daily visits,no contact with friends and not been able to access my mail.
I have techy issues with my Tower and Iam still in the throws of sortin it and I really must keep plugin away to resolve the issues.
But what a carry on just trying to get a laptop with the spec I wanted and visits to stores,well I just dont want to talk about it. Finally with my new baby home I have connected to my wireless router,set my security,broke my neck to visit my daily sites.
Now I have to re install alot of programmes and my wireless printer and I think Iam going to make a list of what I have to do[honest you do not realise just what you have on your computer when something fatal happens] thank the good lord my hard drive is okay on the sorta dead one so I will be able to get info onto a stick to find some data I had not backed up. Then need to work this vista Os out,been using os xp for so long!!!!!!!!
oh well Iam goin to dash see what else I can get installed before I retire for the night

see you soon................ oh and e-mail anyone just to check my connections
and if you have e-mailed re send because it is sorta stuck on my poor old machine for moment...............