Thursday, 20 March 2008


Well here is my Card that I made for the challenge thrown by Vicki Chrisman,yes real daffodils froom the garden you can see the other girls cards over at Vicki`s blog There is some wonderful varitions

on the cards.

I was so excited when I got mine in the mail to see what I had! Tell you I was not disappointed.My card I wanted a clean,crisp finish to it,but I have forgotten to tell you we could only use the things in the envelope and Could NOT add anything else,we could add ink,glitter etc

I used the Vintage papers and image from crafty Secret heartwarming
vintage collection from the envelope
I just loved this image with the 2 rabbits and the little fellow with his rosy cheeks I just had to set this on a jaunty angle to make it look like they were about to pop off the card and I just inked the edges of the images and the matting piece behind. I added a little piece of Red ribbon fixed by a red Brad to make it look like a tag. and two clear button down the side of mat

I just inked around the card edges,not wanting to detract from this wonderful image in any way

Then I just had to put the beautiful lace on and I think the hardest part was trying to tie a bow with less 3" of lace left[well just just have to have a bow at Easter.

Thank you Vicki for allowing me to play I LOVED IT!

I think Vicki is throwing another one soon so if you want to be part ,get on over to her Blog

The envelope made me Laugh Vicki must have had fun, it was stamped acorss the front[not samll either]:

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes

Art is knowing which ones to keep"

I thought this was so funny because there was no room for mistakes within this envelope, I had no mistakes to cover up this time!!

seeing its the first day of spring Iam also showing the photo of the Doddllebug chipboard House I made a few weeks ago,seeing it has chicks on thought it was fitting for this post