Monday, 22 December 2008

2 more sleeps until the big day

Well this is Santa`s magic Key box I made last year to convince DS he could get in,and so glad I did because this year he his making me laugh so much he ties tinsel to the handle of the front door and if it has fallen off he says the Elves have been ROFL!!! see I have been busy telling him when he is rummaging in cupboards and found anything to shut the door quick because the elves are collecting things and if he is naughty Santa want be stopping here!! Well this key box sits out near the tree and it disappears on Christmas Eve sometime through the day to convince him Santa is stopping by and he needs to go to sleep early......................
wonder how many year`s I will get away with this .................
Well my Thomas pacconi glass ornaments never made it out to the tree this year,just do not think he is old enough to appreciate them or keep un hooking them from the tree.......shame I really wanted my stuff out this year but they mean to much to me to be broken ah well maybe next year
so this year I just had to settle for some I bought in slivers and pastels blues.....
Wishing all my friend`s
all around the world
a wonderful time
and Happy Christmas
Some packages and cards will be late arriving at the destinations due to me been
ill,but they will get there maybe after christmas and inbetween the next shopping phase for new years eve
I just have a couple of stores to hit for some fresh stuff and I`m totally done
Then just the rush around relatives to drop there things off and home .
then wait on christmas Day to watching DS open his presents,which reminds
me I somehow have to climb in the loft to get some out eck..... Maybe my Darling
Niece will keep him entertained so I can manage it,she is staying over until christmas Eve.


Sheryl said...

I love the key box, Rose. We need to find our own "magic key" we had to get when we had the chimney taken out of our house.

Have a great Christmas!

Maricel Fabi said...

This magic key box is just awesome! I love it.

May the Season bring only happiness and joy to you and your loved ones.

Happy Holidays,

Beth said...

I almost forgot about this amazing Santa's Key box you made! I love it!!