Wednesday, 31 December 2008

oh another surprise

oh yes what a great surprise to recieve this blogger award from a very dear blog friend Liv.

Wasn't this ever so nice of her? She's such a darling lady and through all this year she has had a really rough time with her DD been so ill,someday`s I do not know how she copes with it all ,but she does which reminds me of " it takes a special person to be a mother" and Liv is one special person indeed

Now, I must list 6 things that make me happy and six bloggers to make them happy!

1] watching my darling Son growing up,making me laugh at the silly little things he says and does .

2] to be up to my eyeballs in wonderful scrap supplies and especially lace and papers and vintage finds .

3] Just to be so thankful I`m on this earth and though I complain some days I have no reason to I have everything, all my limbs,my eyes and food on my plate everyday .

4] To have so many wonderful blog friends all around the world,all so very special to me.

5] ROFL!! for the internet, wow what would we do with out it.

6] To be thankful to Mum & Dad whom moulded me into the person I have become and brought me up so well, boy I miss my mum everyday but know she is watching over me and mine.

Now I need to send to ^ blogging friends so here goes





Beth M


Jorunn said...

Aaawwwe.... thank you my dear friend!!! {hugs} This is so sweet of you and such an honor! And you know, I give you one of these right back at you!! You and your creativity is valuable for me, and I`m so happy I "met" you in this hobby!!!

A very happy and creative new year to you and your family!
Looking forward to follow you in 2009!

hugs 'n' kisses

Vicki said...

Oh, Rose, you are too special, my friend! Thanks so much, and as Jorunn said, right back atcha! Have a wonderful New Year!

Rahasia said...

happy new year!

Beth said...

Oh thank you Rose! It is my hope that you too have a TRULY happy & healthy year this year!