Saturday, 20 September 2008


Oh well first I must tell you about the big closeout sale over here at Kt Crafts,Kelly the store owner is re-locating to new premises and rather than move the big stocks has decided it will be much easier to sell off at 60-80% and then re stock with lots of new goodies. So seeing I have not managed much in the way of creating, I have to hold my hand up to spending here on goodies, I keep adding but Kelly does know Iam weak when it comes to will power on new supplies[think I have a permanent box in the corner of the store lol!!] and honestly Its worth a visit ,it is not old stocks either,cuttlebug embossing folders,papers KI memories die cuts,fancy pants,senic route to many to list at giveaway prices. Further more on the homepage you will find a discount code GRKT115 to use this gives you another 15% off,yes you heard correct. Kelly ships worldwide to!!!
Well I was at the hospital and so pleased the removed the splint,oh and talk about my hand been swollen,I had not noticed at all!! I was told to go careful and guess what I did went shopping! and yes carrier bag heavy took my hand down with the weight and oh grief!!!! the pain I was in tears
my Son said take a painkiller,oh if only they worked! well back at the specialist in 2 weeks,to be honest I dont think they know what I have done
But I can tell you I wont be flicking any midge like flies again!
On a good note I have managed a card today,bits were eay but then when it came to brads etc grrrrr the time it took me compared to normally. I also started a little something off, but itching to start something big but I just cannot handle much weight at all..
well I think Iam going to head of blog looking............


Country Liv . . . said...

Oh, sweetie! I'm so sorry your finger is giving you so much grief. I am going to pray that it heals correctly very soon and doesn't give you any more pain. You know, if you digi scrapped too, you could have been making layouts all this time since it only takes 1 finger to 'click'!!!! You should at least try it ;)
Hugs friend,

Vicki said...

Oh Rose, you poor dear! I did something similar to the ring finger on my right hand when I fell down some steps in July. It was 2 months before I could pick anything up, and if I tried to...Ouchies! Take care and give it a rest!!

Vicki C said...

Oh... I hope that darn finger gets healed soon, so you can make some pretties do share again. lol That is a bummer that you have had so much pain with it. Hope tomorrow is alot better!