Tuesday, 16 September 2008

oh time flys

#well I cannot believe how the months are rattling by,harvest is well on the way they are working in the dark with them lights they use getting rest of harvest done when I see this I automatically think october-hallowen
I would say the last few days been pretty pleasant but today ouch nip in the arm and my feet are cold so it looks like birkenstocks will be getting demoted and time for my winter sloppy ankle furry boots to pld around the house in!! oh and did put the fire on for a few hours,but held back on the central heating,even though I know some have put it on!
Well Iam still waiting for specialist and other things for the hand,its so painful and just wish I could stretch that thumb and index and little finger just so they were longer than the middle its so darn frustrating just not been able to manage things,but Iam such an impatient monster I feel like Iam been held back from doing stuff,always on the go thats me and having to rely on the other half to peel veg etc,well just dont go there!! today I said if you can just do the carrots,tatties,onion etc peel and wash I maybe could manage the rest by one hand and if not my machine could
sat here still waiting 6 hours after asking..............I was thinking should I ask him to help cut some card down I want and help me but ohhhh men!!


Glee said...

Oh, Rose, I read what happened and OUCH, that must hurt! Don't worry about your blogging....just get better, okay? I just hate to hear that you are in pain. Know that I am thinking of you and wishing you fast, fast healing!

Congratulations on your new little Amelia! It is so good to hear that all went well!

Sheryl said...

Rose that does not look like a comfortable contraption at all. I hope it gets better soon - very frustrating for you.

Beth said...

OUCH! That contraption itself looks like it would hurt! Hope it heals fast for you. Maybe that's life's way of saying you need to slow down girl! Take care Rose!

Catherine said...

It's getting REALLY cold here too, but I hope not to put the heat on for a while - still hoping that an indian summer kicks in. Hope your hand feels better soon Rose.

Jorunn said...

Ouch... Hope you`re feeling better soon, can`t wait to see your lovely creations again!

Have a great weekend, sweetie!