Sunday, 18 May 2008

Glimmer Mist

I love this medium Glimmer Mist by tattered angels I have about 10 bottles and need to add to the collection,This is a door plaque I did,close up shot gives you a sneak peek of spraying the wood , I gave it a rough coat of pink acylic and then when it had dryed 2 coats of glimmer mist, one bubblegum pink and one of snowflake it was a great finish and the images and tags are all Crafty secrets
I am also working on a birdhouse and yes you guessed correctly it has been sprayed with glimmer mist and Iam finishing it up now
The possiblities with this mist is endless I even tried it on one of my nails and a clear topcoat niceeeeeee. Stencils you already have anything goes with this stuff,been water based,When I work with it I always keep a few tags or pieces of paper handy and any surplus yes it gets thrown on the paper Iam working on,no point wasting it. IT does go a long way though......... Tattered angels have some yummy stencils out and the chipboard oh just so devine again the chip can be worked with the mist and inked etc,it raised embossed
WEll men dont you just love em, My other half[might be ex soon] borrows my car,parks car at home and from car to the house has lost my keys ,well search turned the place upside down NO KEYS,so he needed to be in the car for something his pigeon racing clocks,so he only goes and smashes my window grggggggh and today still no keys found
how does something vanish into thin air. Now This is going to cost me lots my car key is chipped with computer code,my bonnet is a totally different key and then I will have to have them trace my chip number,then new window grgggggggg dont you just love men!


Vicki said...

Oh, Rose! Beatiful project! Only you would think to Glimmer Mist your nails! LOL! And the key, it didn't get altered somehow, did it?
What a week you have had!

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Love this creation,as always you work inspires me. (((Hugs)))

Jeni Glee said...

Oh my goodness, Rose...this is so, so, so, so beautiful! You are my muse; you inspire me!

Unknown said...

Bless your heart, Rose! I can totally sympathize with you about the keys. Same thing happened in my household about 4 years ago---we NEVER found that set of keys!
You did a marvelous job on the door hanger, and I love the Glimmer Mist too! You are really going to town with that stuff! I use the gold and pearl but I need to pick up some with a little color. I'm going to do a birdhouse too, Hope to get it to look like Vicki did it!