Wednesday, 13 May 2009


oh so I have been missing AWOL, well funny how time flies, My DS had a tooth take out at the dentist and then spent the night throwing up so i thought it must have been the stuff they used for pain relief anyway he got worse then day after I started the same,turns out it was gastric virus we had got and boy did it knock the wind outta my sails,took us both over a week to even feel like eating anything...... Well its back to school runs and school study at home. I started decorating the bedroom weeks ago and with been ill had no energy to even stay on the ladder long I have got bits to do but waiting on some wood been carved out then I can finish the cupboard,but whilst waiting thought I would set my new area up,boy I just did not realizejust how much stuff I have got and really need a massive purge and use stuff up I have got!!!....but well I know me so well I need new stuff,gotten a whole lot of new glimmer mist to,little did I know how one bottle has grown to 18 now ,love the stuff.
Do not know why but I find it more theraputic working upstairs than downstairs with crafting .But it does have a down side last night could not sleep when I got upstairs so ended up crafting,nothing major just sat making some hatpins,and then retired to bed...........