Sunday, 19 July 2009

Glimmer Mist

This is the Glimmer Nature Album from Tattered angels I had so much fun playing with so much colour, the Glimmer on this does not show up so well on these pictures ,but I really ,really had fun mixing all these colours
This is the front I still do not know what to put on the front ,Any suggestions!!?

These are all photo`s taken when I went to 2 different lavendar fields and I have
finally gotten around to doing something with them, loved the mellow yellow of this butterfly

not sure on this flowers at all in the lavendar fields but the colour drew me to it

love the tones of the 2 above,but have you ever tried taken a photo when they are on the lavendar fields ,ugh you need patience

love this butterfly just balancing on the lavendar here

two lots of trouble DS and Niece at the tallest behive they reckon in the world
yeah with real ones inside,we peeped but did not hang around to long I can tell you. Oh and I just love this Blue gate with all the different coloured rows of lavendar

think this has to be my very favourite butterfly on that beautful flower
Anyone thinking of asking the colours fire away but I will need to check so are new colours but I do know what I used

We ll I have been creating,honest I have just some things I never got to take picture of like teachers gift, I just made some boxes and made some personalized stationary for them effevtive but so easy.
Well summer has started [holidays] wow our kiddos have 7 weeks off this year
thats a heck of a long time to occupy my little terror I can tell you. He has already been busy in my craft area argh stamping on my desk and had glimmer mist out and oh heck I just know I will find something else he will have done in my area
enjoy your vaction and stay safe


Vicki Chrisman said...

WOO HOOO Girl!!! That album rocks!!
Arent they FUN!

Jeni Glee said...

WOW, WOW, WOW, Rose! This is BEAUTIFUL! I love this album!

Fink said...

Love the album! What a bunch of glimmer mist you have to make such great colors! Enjoy summer!

Vicki Chrisman said...

Thinking of you Rose.. and hoping all is good with you.

Unknown said...

Wow,its simply amazing.i love it.

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