Tuesday, 30 June 2009

simplyrose has not blogged for awhile!

Oh I really did not realize how long it is from when I last blogged,now that is just terrible on my behalf,I just do not know were the time has gone,well I do some of it DS has taken lots of time up lately.
The card I did above is from a Whiff of Joy Stamp and coloured with copic markers,must say I love the brush end but not the bullet end of these marker tips

This was just one of those pictures I took last week in the hot weather and DS blowing bubbles and I just love this carefree look on his face,even though his arm is in pot still,bright red he picked. For those who do not know my DS fell at school and broke & fractured his elbow,this was so much fun [not]because his party was coming up within 2 weeks and mum had arranged a football party, anyway it did not deter him and it all went ahead as planned . We are back at the the hospital next week and fingers crossed it has mended,cannot be no fun for my little guy with this on in this heat....

This was some party boxes I made for the kids to take home with them full of
candy thought it was good to make cake shape and added football figures to the top with the exception of 3 and then I used prima flowers[yeah I hear yeah well 3 girls came ] so felt it was a bit more prettier for the girls . One of the kiddos made me laugh they said has TJ got 2 cakes!!
My niece came and with her just havin her 13th birthdayand everything is boring and life is boring to em at this age,well you could have fooled me!! sent her on pitch and her friend with the 5-6 year olds and did she have loads of fun!!!?............... she loved it
Well folks that is it for today ,and have plenty more to post when I get going