Monday, 5 January 2009


Elisabeth sent me this award Many thanks for the nomination! A big thanks for this! Sorry I was late picking it up!!
Here are the rules:
1. . The nominee may put the picture on his/her blog.
2. Link to the person whom you have gotten it from.
3. .Nominate at least 5 others.
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oh well my little guy is back to school tomorrow and I must say I will be glad of the break,but not so happy at having to go out in this weather it is just so,so cold don`t mind minus temps but this is to much minus for me espcially with this east wind brrrrr........

I hope to finish off things I have been playing with these last few days and plenty of laundry to catch up on

bye for now..........


Vicki said...

Catch up?? LOL! Is that possible for any of us?

Jamie Pyles said...

Happy New Year Rose! Thank you sooo much for the award! Hugs

Fink said...

I am just starting to get back to normal! Hee hee! I bookmarked you so I don't forget you like lately! Sorry!

Jeni Glee said...

Sweet, Sweet Rose,

I have missed you so is so good to come visit and look at what you have been up to while I was ill.

Take care and lots of love, Glee

Jeni Glee said...

I forgot....Congrats on the award; you deserve it, my Friend!

Vicki Chrisman said...

OH MY GOSH.. how fun.. I just clicked on your blog and "TILLY AND THE WALL" Beat Control started playing! OHHHH... you made my day. I have to tell Neely you have it on your blog too.

Anonymous said...

we miss ya' at

-- dalis

Natty said...

How Nice Rose!!!