Sunday, 13 July 2008


This one I find my most wackiest,loudest layouts ever,do not know what was running through my mind at the time,bit I wanted to show what inspired me, like colour/color
ink and stamps ribbons and buttons and flowers and all colours/colors of paper cardstock etc
Iam one of these people whom is taken by mood and what I see when I look at something. Tell me does your mood alter your scrapbooking/cardmaking !!? What is your source of inspiration !!? Doe you start with your papers or your pictures!!?
OH please tell me I would love to know,oh and I feel Blog Candy ..............


Country Liv . . . said...

Goodness! I love the 'what inspires me' layout! I don't find it loud at all. Actually, it reminds me of Coco Channel's color board slope when she was designing. Very artistic.
About being inspired:
1. Grazing through online galleries of my fellow scrappers
2. God's creations
3. Photoshop Creative Mag
4. When my heart swells with the thought of someone or something it zings a creative stroke in my mind
5. Beautiful blogs
6. Beautiful designing elements

All of the above and more and not necessarily in that order. I sometimes get too much inspiration in this old head and everything gets all jumbled up and I cannot extract and separate the individual ideas! ROTFLMBO! This is just too true! And some of my best ideas get lost in that vast cavern of my mind never to be thought of again! Thanks for the laugh Rose, you're the best!
PS: Will you email me some favorite photos of you and your little one? I thought I would pluck them from your blog but haven't seen any yet.

Country Liv . . . said...

I forgot to tell you:
I love your new heading! You are doing digital scrapping! What a marvelous job you did. Do some more and post them in digital galleries and submit them to digital pubs! I just know you will be published immediately with talent like yours!

Vicki C said...

Fantastic Rose!

Oh.. inspiration... EVERYWHERE! lol
photos, paper, ads, other scrappers, color, nature, music, on and on!
I think it's all about opening your "creative mind" up to "seeing" it.