Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Easter is nearly

Well I cannot believe have fast Easter is approaching,dont you
just love it when its here so soon this year,Anyone planning anything
special!? Us well nothing fantastic, just the big Lunch and Eggs after for my son. Reminds me when I was little we used to boil them and then paint them and once dry we used to go roll them down a hill at my grandfathers home in the Country ohh it takes me back,living in a Town
when school was out I was on the Bus or the fastest method of transport
to my granfather house in the Country I still go through to see my Aunt and just love the place,it was always trouble for my mother & father trying to get me back home,I would miss the bus on purpose and would do anything to be late back. Mind you I remember one year my tricks did not pay of I had to catch a bus,now trying to get these in the country aint no fun I had a total of 4 buses on and off changing on route just to get back to town and ohh what an earful I got when I got home. I would do it all again today though................