Sunday, 16 March 2008

How did

How did I know that when I wrote what a day,should have read ugh what a week!!!!!!!! Today Iam not touching anything or writing anything in htmll .cut!!!!
Well I noticed when in the kitchen doing the dinners[as you do] The cereal box says "win a day to be zookeeper for a day!"Now forgive me if Iam wrong but why would I want to win this! I already manage a Zoo!!
I shop they eat it! I hide it they find it! I wash they make more mess!
Just when you think the dishwasher has caught up I blink really Iam I seeing things umgh oh no Iam not there is another loads, So why oh why would I want to win this when Iam fully qualified in running one anyway!
Maybe I should advertise "wanna be zookeeper for a day!! do you think I would get many takers!!???? Iam off yes to clear more mess and maybe I need to teach them some new tricks!


Glee said...

This just cracked me up, Rose! You are so funny and you are so right!!!!!

Vicki said...

ROFL! Rose, you just make my day with these entries! Life is a zoo and we mothers are the zookeepers!

Kristy said...

Rose you are making me laugh!!! Really who would want to be a zoo keeper for the day??? Umm.. not me!!! I want to be pampered for day!!!

Go get some rest!!!

Charmingdesigns said...

I'm new to your blog.....I LOVE your did you do it???? Laurie