Tuesday, 19 February 2008

oh the weather outside is awful,I have had a strange sorta day
nothing accomplished at all!! So much I want to do and need to
do ,but I feel like crawling up in a ball and hibernating till
some warmer weather arrives............
I need to finish some swaps and hopefully Iam going to start loading in
next few weeks some card sketches and layout sketches just for fun,and also it might make me shift my butt into gear a bit...........
Well I have some really big orders arriving from across the pond,I needed some more storage,it like shoes and handbags to me I have 6 three tier
12" stackers I already have 4 so it will make 10,my other half will probably collapse when they arrive,you see I had alot of cubes delivered at the back end of 2007 , twenty two truth be told, well I need to store my stuff don`t I