Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tuesday 4th November

Well Alot of my friends will be out at the USA elections making the Vote for new president,Iam looking forward to watching it in the wee small hours,this one has got to be the longest in history ,and I have watched it from the start.

I have made a card,lol! wow! well a few really but this one is for Taylors expressions cupcake challenge#40 I love the sketches and have been meaning to do one for ages,but life just got in the way or projects,anyway i loved this sketch so I had to do it and used my prismacolour pencils and blended it in and out,love this stamp he is so cute
well my little Guy is poorly has cold real bad,so he did not get to start back to school this week. My physo said it will take 6-8months for my finger to heal and she said it might never go back to be the same ugh !
and to work it for 15 minutes at a time,and me well I have over done it


Taylor said...

So cute, Rose! That snowman image is precious! Thanks for playing the challenge!

Vicki said...

Cute card, Rose! Love the DB pps and snowman. I have done my civic duty and voted at 7 AM this morning! The lines were incredible!

Fink said...

I love the snowman!!!!! What a great job! Stopping by from OOTF

Sheryl said...

Sweet card Rose. I can't believe you did so much damage to your finger with such a small accident!

Vicki C said...

Love your card from Taylors Challenge! Sorry to heare about your finger still giving you problems.. darn it!
I love that you have that little time thingy on your blog now , so I know what time it is in the UK. Bet your fast asleep as I right this.

Heather Robinson said...

Very much enjoyed the visit to the pumpkin patch post!! 'tis the season...and I love it. This sweet Christmas card is lovely. I can see why you liked the sketch.