Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday peeps

Well I have recieved this award from my blog friend Vicki Chrisman
so firstly thank you Vicki[the art that make me happy]

Now I am supposed to send this on to four blogging friends and a new(ish) blogging friend. So now ,well, here we go!!

Vicki at the validation of Vicki

right the new ish blogger I will just have to pick


Vicki said...

Rose, you are too sweet! Thank you and I will be sure to pass this along as well!

Anonymous said...

Ah thanks Rose! You're so sweet. I love the look of your blog btw

Beth said...

Thank you Rose! What an first one! LOL

Fink said...

I am tickled pink!!! I appreciate you picking me as your new ish blogger friend! Thanks for finding me!

Unknown said...

OHhh.... this is so sweet of you Rosie!!! *hugs*
Thank you so much, I`m honored and touched!
And of course this award I give to you too!!!!