Saturday, 23 August 2008


oh will someone give me a shove or sent some mojo vibes my way!!
I have plenty of things to post up on recent jaunt`s,some really wonderful places and will try do it over next few days!
Iam just havin so much trouble getting my brain in any sort of working order,what have I got! scrappers block! surrounded by so much paper and bits and pieces I ask myself how is it possible!
I think I might have to run around the block,kick a tree! scream ! see if that brings anything out,my head feels ready to explode ,yes I have it crammed with idea`s, so is it scrapper block or me depleted of energy !!??


Vicki said...

Probably a little of both! Being tired is blocking the inspiration.
You need a trip to the lavendar fields!! Or, how about a local floral shop for some color inspiration!

Sheryl said...

Oh Rose! I'm sure you will feel less tired and more on top of things when it's back to school time next week! Why not flick through that PageMaps book and see if that kicks anything off?

Vicki C said...

Oh.. honey.. I have SOOOO been there! It's scary when you have commitments and deadlines, and just can get creative. I have to just not force it.. go for a drive , a walk, just take photos.. something like that.
Nature always helps me. Or checking out new blogs.(um..but dont stop coming to mine) lol
I forgot to tell you.. thanks for the last Hob Lob coupon you sent. I printed one off for Cat, Deb andI , when we went to Omaha when Cat was here. WE ALL used them! THANKS!