Friday, 29 February 2008

oh how strange

I just wonder what is happening with the weather and the earth Tremor we had on wednesday, I hope I never sit through one again,my house was shaking so voilently from side to side and top to bottom,it was surreal knowing I was shaking ,knowing something was happening but not what is was at the start,and then knowing something was so wrong, I just had to grab my little man and hold him tight and be ready to run out the door ,just horrible and Scary
I was driving the next morning thinking oh this might not have been here,I might not be driving down here that sorts of thing,we take life for granted don`t we!!!!!!!!!!. It just proves we might nag,moan take things for granted ,but we have so much to be thankful for everday.
when I picked my little man up from school h said " mam I dont like them louds shaking,"pointing to the clouds in the sky,oh bless!!!!
I have done no crafting,just buying lol!!!!!! well I might need it for something. Honest let me near craft/scrapbook supplies and it like letting a child loose in a candy shop
I really must get on,but just so tired and it now looks like these gales are going to disturb my sleep,oh well another day,another dollar.......