Wednesday, 14 May 2008

last waltz

Well I have been asked about the music on my blog by quite a few people
The last Waltz is such a special song for me,Because it so reminds me
of mam and dad`s Silver wedding bash. This was a surpise and I arranged every little detail for this back in the good old 80`S it took me over a year.
I even phoned Dads place of work to book him the next day of and had to explain why
[I knew he was booked in to work,so I had to secretly unbook it] They were waiting for me picking them up I phoned to say I will be there shortly,and I had to leave my home and get set off quickly .I remember arriving at the venue to a room full of 100 people friends and family alot travelling over 100 miles and everything went so quiet
What mum & Dad did not know was the meal they thought they were going on with us was not to be he! he! I had booked a Rolls Royce to collect them from the house,they promptley saying to the driver he was at the wrong place lol!! He then said well your Mr & Mrs **** so off they set for a tour around[arranged just in case anyone was running late] then they arrived at the venue to meet me and my 2 sister,again another white lie [they just thought they was stopping for some photos before travelling on to the meal,and I said "oh do you think we can have a photo taken in here and the photographer playing along to the game said yes that fine,Well all was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop,all was dark then when Dad opened the door with mum lights went on to a massive uproar and cheer from everyone,Well they nearly died with the shock and I just so remember that song and these two people I love so dearly dancing to it all on there own not a care in the world and the big smiles they both had all night. Then next day Dad trying to fit all the puzzle together like Oh I wondered why so and so said see you tonight and things like that
This picture is me and the 2 sisters with mum & dad its colour but I changed it to Black & White
They literally did have the last waltz together,until mum went through them pearly gates ,danny boy is another story ..............


Vicki said...

What a lovely story, Rose! How sweet that you did that for your parents. I'm sure it was a memorable moment for all. You look stunning in this picture!

Vicki Chrisman said...

Oh, what a totally sweet story Rose! They look SO happy! I can totally see why that memory is so special to you! Thanks for sharing!

Jeni Glee said...

What a beautiful, beautiful story, Rose! I pictured in my mind everything you did; oh, they must have been so pleased! A memory of loveliness like this one makes you smile when you think about it; I wish you so many forever memories just like this one, my Friend!

Did you write to me and ask about my die cut flourishes? I got a message from a Rose but was not sure if it was you....if it was, I used the new "Home Accents" Cricut cartridge. I have used this cartridge more than any other I have purchased. I love it!

Unknown said...

Rose that is such a sweet story, it brought tears to my eyes! You look so happy in the picture, and a great memory for you and your family was created that day!